Seismic unrest: new earthquake swarms reported at El Hierro Island

December 23, 2013 CANARY ISLANDS – The new earthquake swarm under the island’s central-SE sector continues. So far, about 120 quakes of magnitudes above 1.8 including a handful of possibly felt ones (up to magnitudes 3.2) have occurred since yesterday morning. Preliminary GPS data suggest a new phase of uplift has started as well, which supports the idea that a new magma intrusion is occurring at the base of the upper crust beneath the volcanic island. A new earthquake swarm started under the island on December 22nd. The earthquakes are located at about 15 km depth under the southeastern central part of the island. IGN recorded more than 40 quakes with magnitudes up to 3.2 so far. Whether the earthquakes are related to new magmatic intrusions at depth is a unknown but a possible scenario. –Volcano Discovery
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4 Responses to Seismic unrest: new earthquake swarms reported at El Hierro Island

  1. Irene C says:

    I’ve been wondering what’s going on around El Hierro. Thanks Alvin. And Merry Christmas.


  2. M.Smith says:

    Very good info. I wish the USA would be as truthfull as you folks are, why hide stuff that will effect the world’s populations in one way or a other. I wish we had more direct coverage of the Phillipines, what happen there is on a scale man has not seen, unless we go back to Noal & the flood!


  3. Harold says:

    NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, or IRIS, witnessed its strongest solar flare since it launched in the summer of 2013. Solar flares are bursts of x-rays and light that stream out into space, but scientists don’t yet know the fine details of what sets them off ,

    Please try to understand your audience deserves this information , they are great persons , well at least the ones allowed to post

    skyquakes have been observed in clouds in shape of scale peeks graphic , as the movement on earth all the same waves even the sun is on the same track ,,, A big threat is on its way Nemesis is real or what could be causing the magnetosphere to change traveling this fast , . the state of emergency is now , please let them know , you most be up hills 6000 ft above sea level, 100 or 300 miles away ocean as well volcanoes and nuke areas , world is shaking each time more , news are not saying many things


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