Mystery illness kills 4 in Texas – China reports new H7N9 cases

December 18, 2013MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TexasOfficials with the Montgomery County Health Department are on a mission to find out more about a mystery flu-like illness. So far, half of the people who have come down with it have died. According to the health department, all of the patients have had flu-like and/or pneumonia-like symptoms. However, all of them have tested negative for the flu. There have been eight confirmed patients ranging in age from 41 to 68. Four of those patients have died. Sources told WFAA sister station KHOU that two of the surviving patients are being treated at Conroe Regional Medical Center and are “very sick.” Those sources said doctors are being advised to use extra precaution to prevent this from spreading. It’s unclear if any of the patients had pre-existing conditions. The Montgomery County Health Department is waiting on more conclusive test results. Officials are hoping they will have more answers in the days to come. –WFAA
Medical mystery in Texas: The mother of the youngest of eight confirmed cases of a mystery illness in Montgomery County is sharing her son’s story. Dathany Reed, 41, wasn’t feeling well on Thanksgiving. He called out sick from his job at the Golden Corral and went to see doctors at Conroe Regional Medical Center. Odessa Reed says doctors sent her son home with several prescriptions. She said her son was admitted to the hospital’s emergency room the next day and ended up on life support. “It doesn’t make sense,” said Odessa Reed. “How can you talk to a person one day, and they say, I’m not feeling good, and the next day, that person is on life support.” Dathany’s 41st birthday came and went on November 30 while his kidneys and other organs deteriorated. Family members said goodbye to the father of three on December 5. “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face in my whole life,” cried Odessa Reed. “My son was kind. He was sweet.”
Dathany is one of four patients to have died after contracting the mystery illness. Doctors say all of the patients have had flu-like and/or pneumonia-like symptoms but have tested negative for standard strains of the flu. “[I hope they] get a better handle on this before it affects more lives, more families, more people,” explained Odessa Reed. “I want the truth.” Doctors are awaiting test results that could explain what the illness is, but there is no time-table as to when those results could be in. Montgomery County Health officials said they are now looking at cases from other hospitals that could be connected to the mystery illness. The new case files are being reviewed for similarity to the eight cases at Conroe Regional Medical Center that prompted the County Health Department investigation. The state and regional health departments have already been notified and are also looking for reports of new cases. –KENS5
More H7N9 cases in China: Taipei, Dec. 18 (CNA) People traveling to China should take health precautions as 10 more H7N9 avian flu cases have been reported there since October, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center said Tuesday. Center spokesman Chou Jih-haw said the 10 cases included three in Guangdong province, five in Zhejiang province and two in Hong Kong. There have been 142 confirmed cases of the H7N9 virus in China since the outbreak began at the end of March, he said. Of those patients, 47 have died. Chou noted, however, that the cases have been sporadic and said there were no indications that the H7N9 strain has been transmitted from one person to another. The center reminded people intending to travel to China to monitor their personal health, refrain from coming in contact with fowl, and make sure to eat only well-cooked poultry and eggs. –Focus Taiwan
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11 Responses to Mystery illness kills 4 in Texas – China reports new H7N9 cases

  1. Jonathan A. Kemp says:

    maybe it was fukushima radiation related?


  2. These cases of H7N9 flu-pneumonia, have to be investigated according to the kind of Environments where they spread out….What is or are the characteristics of the places where they live, and its impacts upon human beings, according to their ages too, The kind of “food” they eat, may have provoked the “virus” in those special places, to those special people , accordingly, ….Myriam-Marie Cassin Medelman Edelman ..


  3. paula collins says:

    Were TBDs (tick borne diseases) suspected?


  4. does the connection to the illness originate at the Golden Corral?


  5. niebo says:

    And, of course, this year’s flu season starts with a bang. . . .


  6. Emily says:

    I work as an ICU nurse and have had 4 deaths in 2 weeks, all of these deaths were healthy young to middle age adults. We have yet to find the cause all flu -, no positive cultures and all started with common cold and cough symptoms which progressed to multiple system organs failing. They all were on ventilators within 2 days of symptoms. They all have common symptoms with a twist. Very scary!


    • n
      Talking to HCPs, as I have, you get a different story from what the news is reporting. After all, they are on the frontlines. These cases of influenza mortality all point to extreme virulence in perfectly healthy people, and the speed of the pathogenic onslaught, especially involving renal failure, is what’s unsettling.


      • kennycjr says:

        I wonder if these are people who received an H1N1 vaccination a few years back, and are having a much delayed reaction. Course modern medicine can’t even answer why we’re so much more susceptible to cold and flu in the winter than at any other time of the year. Imho, it’d be the dry air, during the winter the air is most buildings is drier than it is anywhere naturally, even in the desert. And it’s been my experience that it’s medical clinics and hospitals that have the driest air.


      • M
        I think the virus is just pervasive and its starting to take a toll on the human race. First assault may have failed, but microbes are relentless and never surrender. They will keep attacking the fort. Sooner or later, the human race will be under seize by a newer, stronger, more potent versions of the bug.

        Remember the Alamo!


  7. Scott Jones says:

    Jan 8th 2014 I enterd the hospital here in Florida with flu/pneumonia symptoms which all tested as negative.
    Lung specialist says he has never seen a case like mine or a CT Scan like mine in his 30 years of practice
    Was sick on Friday, clinic on Sat, hospitalized on Tuesday.
    I wonder if it may be related


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