Turkey warned of potential eruption hazards from 14 active volcanoes

December 7, 2013 TURKEYTurkey is facing potential eruption hazard from 14 active volcanoes. Armenpress reports quoting the Turkish Haberler news website, that the population of the country has been warned about the danger by the Turkish volcano experts. According to them, the data of only one volcano out of 14 active ones has been monitored and collected. –Armenpress
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3 Responses to Turkey warned of potential eruption hazards from 14 active volcanoes

  1. Irene C says:

    Wow! That would be a lot of ash going into our atmosphere if even half of them decided to erupt. And that’s not even considering the devastation to Turkey.


  2. Sue Brooks says:

    The ‘Throne Of Satan’ was moved from Pergamos to Berlin in the late 1800’s and was celebrated by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1902. Hitler’s architect fashioned his pulpit after Pergamos’ Throne of Satan (center of Zepplin Tribune) and was finished in 1937.


  3. Enough more of these (85 so far I think) going off at the same time little ice age II here we come.


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