Frozen nation: At least 10 dead as cold, ice and snow grip U.S.

December 7, 2013ARKANSAS At least 10 deaths — including three in California — were blamed on the deep freeze that continued to grip the U.S. on Friday, canceling hundreds of flights and leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. The Santa Clara County, Calif., Sheriff’s Office said hypothermia — an extremely low body temperature — had killed three people since frigid conditions rolled in late Wednesday, NBC Bay Area reported. An earlier report from the medical examiner’s office said four people had died, but it included a person who was found dead last week, before the current weather system hit the region. With icy conditions stretching almost coast to coast, the cold blast was blamed for deaths as far east as Indiana, where a woman died in a four-vehicle crash in Wayne County, and as far south as Arkansas, where an ice-coated tree fell on the camper housing a 62-year-old man in Pope County, authorities told NBC News.
By midday, five states had recorded at least 2½ feet of snow since Wednesday. The highest total was 35 inches, near Two Harbors, Minn. Winter storm warnings covered parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. The manager of a Home Depot store in Dallas concluded: “It’s almost like a Black Friday. But I guess we’ll call it an Ice Friday.” Only a slice of the East Coast was spared the winter blast. Elsewhere, the story was ice, snow and brutal cold. Big Sky Country woke up to double-take temperatures. It was 23 degrees below zero in Laramie, Wyo., and felt like 41 below. In Helena, Mont., the mercury fell to 10 below, with a wind child of minus-29. The big chill extended to parts of the country much less accustomed to it. Parts of Nevada were at 18 below zero, and parts of Oregon were at 9 degrees. In Flagstaff, Ariz., the temperature just before dawn was 7. Even “sunny” Southern California wasn’t being spared — the National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for Riverside and San Bernardino counties beginning Saturday morning. Farmers pumped water into the soil to keep it from freezing and used wind machines to blow mild air across the citrus crop, most of which is still on the vine. Citrus in California is a $2 billion industry. Lettuce and avocados were also in danger.  –NBC
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7 Responses to Frozen nation: At least 10 dead as cold, ice and snow grip U.S.

  1. kristiann1 says:

    I Live in th Columbia River Gorge of Troutdale, Oregon and we had Snow here today!! We also have been super cold here, our Wind Chill is in the Teen right now.. I have seen a lot of Snow here where I live and own a house!! We get Blizzards here also!!


    • Louie says:

      Hi Kristiann1,
      I live just across the Columbia from you. It was 9 degrees at my house last night. Not a whole lot of snow on my side of the river, just a little. But our little bit of snow, and the ice that the fog has laid on everything just keeps on hanging around. I have lived in this area 64 years, and do not ever remember it being this cold, for this long. We have silver thaws occasionally, and a few times each year have very harsh east winds that come down the gorge. Very hot winds in the summer, and very cold winds in the winter. But this is different. The, colder than usual, cold is just hanging on, hanging on.


      • kristiann1 says:

        Hi Louie,

        I live on a high hill and I can see Camas, Washington from my house here! I had very bad wind damage on my house back in 2009, the wind blew half of my roof off on my house I own here! Right now we are 16 Degrees here in Troutdale, Oregon, it is Chilly Willy here!! I dress in Layers when I am outside here!!

        We Need to Pray for all the Families that Do Not have Heat and are Homeless all over the United States Of America!!


  2. Patti says:

    10 below in Helena? Actually it was much colder than that. Here near Billings it was 24 below 2 nights in a row. It’s 20 below right now. -10 was the daytime high!


  3. Dennis E. says:

    I ponder if God is expressing his displeasure in the recent US/Iranian deal regarding its nuclear program.
    It seems whenever, policy is made that hinders or puts Israel in danger from its enemies
    our weather seems to take a turn for the worst.
    Just my observation…….


  4. Irene C says:

    Our part in Ohio got off pretty easy. Roads got pretty nasty with the snow/sleet/ice combo, but south of us was hit pretty hard. Now just waitng for round 2 due to come in on Sunday.


  5. Brett says:

    -36 here in the Canadian prairies. -48 if you include the wind chill. Y’all don’t know what cold is down there.


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