Connecticut rattled by two small earthquake tremors

Mystery Boom
December 3, 2013CONNECTICUT Two organizations that track seismic activity have confirmed that the region experienced an earthquake on Friday, answering questions raised about the mysterious booms heard by residents from Montville to Mystic. The U.S. Geographical Survey recorded a 2.1 magnitude earthquake at 9:05 a.m. Friday that was centered about 2 miles east of Conning Towers-Nautilus Park, or 41.383°N 72.028°W in Groton. The Weston Observatory, an earthquake research arm of Boston College, reported two earthquakes, one at 9:05 a.m. and another at 9:42 a.m., said Justin Starr, a research assistant. The quakes, Starr said, were recorded somewhere in the area of the Thames River, close to Ledyard. He said seismometers recorded both quakes as magnitude 1.8. He said there are several ways to measure the earth’s movement and the discrepancy in the magnitude recorded by the U.S.G.S. is not uncommon. The noises produced by the earthquakes led to numerous calls to local police and fire departments, which searched the area looking for signs of an explosion. After she said her home in Old Mystic shook, Nancy Peta had guessed it was either an earthquake or a plane crash.
“To hear it was an earthquake, I’m sure a lot of people will be relieved insomuch that now they know what it was,” she said Monday. Starr said Friday’s quakes were small and close to the surface. The release of seismic energy causes the earth’s surface to act like a speaker and emit a sound like an explosion. Starr said similar quakes occurred in Massachusetts and New Hampshire in October and they are not as uncommon as many would think. “They do happen every now and again,” Starr said. The Moodus section of East Haddam is famous for small quakes, which to native Americans would have sounded like loud drums, he said. The high school sports teams there are named the Noises. Why they happen is a little more technical. Starr said the general consensus is that in New England earthquakes are a reactivation of ancient fault lines that are being compressed from east to west. Stress builds up until the pent-up energy is released. –The Day
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8 Responses to Connecticut rattled by two small earthquake tremors

  1. katnea says:

    Nup,I don’t believe it! Sorry, but its difficult for me to believe that the sound of a huge explosion, (likened to that of a plane crash) has anything to do with this supposed 1.8 magnitude quake. Earthquakes with a magnitude of about 2.0 or LESS are called ‘microearthquakes’ which usually go unnoticed by most when they occur. (shrug) So is the simple easy quake answer just another excuse to appease the folks in that area and/or us? I dunno?, as I could be totally wrong here! However, for myself, I remain skeptical about this supposed quake answer. Why? Well its because I also know that in recent years, there’s been way too many ‘mystery booms’ reported where officials said that they had NO CLUE as to what is causing them! (hah!)

    Thanks for letting me share some of my thoughts today…. I also wish for everyone to have a calm and blessed day as well. ♥


  2. sewhite333 says:

    I don’t believe this earthquake report for a minute. Something is happening, booms and pressure waves that rattle houses and schools, preceded by bright flashes of white or blue light in the sky are being reported by hundreds of witnesses, all over the country and throughout the world.
    DHS is a joke! There is no security in the “homeland”.


  3. Jean says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who finds this dubious!


  4. niebo says:

    You know, this, like, reminds me of the story about how the SAME earthquake (serious!) caused the planet to tilt off-axis. So, technologistically speaking, by altering the tilt (that is, the angle of spin-wobble), not only did this earthquake shake every island from its place, it shook every land mass in the ENTIRE world from its place. NOT to mention that it caused a giganormous tsunamical waterform that mashed up stuff all over the place (and, per the picture, gave somebody a houseboat-house) AND gave us Fukushima in the process (a disaster of indescriptual proportions that is only marginally minimated by TEPCO’s catchy new name for the “cooling tank” section of the hobbled plant: “Cesium Springs”). AND (according to “gravimetry” — come on! Stop making up words!) it “ruptured” the field of gravity. So, if you go to Japan, you could float away! Serious! (!) OH and it ALSO “hit” the GOCE satellite with an exo-planetacious soundwave (an invisual wall of noise) that, if my reading comprehensiveness is trustworthiable, KILLED it, too. (I won’t even mention the planktons or the tunafishes!) I swear, guys, it’s like, you know, this earthquake was PANDORA’S BOX!

    And one more odd factoid: I read somewhere that “GOCE” is pronounced as if it were a word in Italian, like “Gotch-a”. . . .


    • What about the earth quake in the indian ocean that killed and estimated 300 000 dec 26 , 2004 that was the first time i heard earth wobble mentioned and only briefly , i always wondered what happened with the wobble .


  5. niebo says:

    Sorry, Alvin, I somehow switched windows and posted under the wrong article….


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