About 35 volcanoes are currently erupting across the globe

November 27, 2013 GEOLOGYThe volcano at Mount Sinabung at Jakarta, Indonesia, erupted six times early Monday, shooting volcanic ash 2,000 meters into the sky. Thousands have been evacuated from the region since the Sinabung volcano began erupting sporadically in September. 5,000 people were evacuated from the area the day before the eruption on Monday, bringing the total number of evacuees to 11,000. There have been no casualties so far. The Sinabung is just one of 35 active, erupting volcanoes in the world, according to a categorized list on Volcano Discovery. Of the 35 currently erupting volcanoes in the world, seven are in Indonesia. Most of Indonesia is situated along the “Ring of Fire” — a horseshoe shaped ring around the Pacific where most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take place. About 50 to 60 volcanoes erupt during a year. – IB Times
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14 Responses to About 35 volcanoes are currently erupting across the globe

  1. Bruce says:

    This is not a big number. On average their are 20 – 30 volcanoes erupting at an one time and numbers far above this would be of little concern to volcanologists.


  2. Lee H. says:

    Is this significantly above the norm for the planet since say for example the Eocene era?
    Or is it simply because our methods of gathering and analyzing data have improved since records began?
    Bear in mind also that the earth the solar system the galaxy and indeed the universe are still evolving. Everything is connected!

    Do you think we are heading for another Mount Toba scale eruption or something more akin to the siberian traps continuous flows during the late triassic.

    Let me know Alvin I always value your opinion 🙂


    • M
      Plumes rising from the planet’s outer core during a heat flux

      Well, the supervolcanoes are certainly a concern. When you dealing with chaotic systems and thermal dissipative structures, as Prigogine discovered by examining the fluid dynamics of certain substances…many of these systems are indeterminate. What that means is their behavior becomes more chaotic and unpredictable, the more thermal energy flows through open systems. We don’t know what the planet’s tipping point would be that would cause an exponential upscale of heat to be released in a supervolcanic eruption. This could happen when not enough terrestrial volcanoes are erupting. (Which is why monitoring the amount of activity now is so crucial) It could happen during weaker solar activity cycles. It could happen during internal flux events associated with a magnetic reversal. Or the tipping point may be when submarine vent systems and rifts are overstressed in Mid Oceanic Ridges; or maybe all four.

      What we do know is plumes, which are the plumbing for many supervolcanoes, become more active during magnetic reversals. Earth is experiencing a polarity reversal right now- and consequently, almost all of the supervolcanoes are undergoing various stages of inflation.



      • Faye Brown says:

        If it wasn’t for these being the end of days carrying the hope of “The Coming/Return ” for some .. “The Rapture/Ascension” for others … and their hope of a Promised Deliverance … DOOM would be the only thing eyes could see as the future of Earth’s mainstream inhabitants … because the threshold for stopping any of these Earth changing events … and any forthcoming terra forming events … has no doubt been past … the birth process of a new Star has been activated … and “Earth‘s core” is ground-zero …


      • The time for discussion for what’s happening to the planet will soon be over. “The night is far spent. The Day is at hand, and now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed.” Romans 13:12.


  3. Brian says:

    35 current erupting volcanoes!!! That is an extremely large number. This along with the increase in earthquake activity has got me extremely concerned for what is coming. If Yellowstone goes, the US and Canada could be uninhabitable.


  4. Tricia says:

    I really appreciate your site! Thank you! I have read that there is an average of 60 eruptions per year, how common is it to have 35 erupting at one time? Do you know what the total number of eruptions for the year are? The amount of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions this year seems truly unbelievable. Thanks again.


    • IM

      I appreciate you, Tricia. Thanks. The average number of volcanic systems erupting during a year is 50-60; and that gives us a fair barometer of how much thermal energy the planet is venting. The more volcanoes that erupt, the greater the amount of thermal energy the planet is dissipating. If more than half are erupting continuously, that’s something to take note of. What we’re seeing, however, is multiple eruptive phases from active volcanic systems as well as new activity from previously dormant systems. In 1990, there was only 55 volcanic systems erupting. In 2001, there was 64, as of today; we’re already at 82 for the year- so the trend curve is upward. What that trend also suggests is our planet is in trouble and could be in the primary stages of over-heating- when (according to the every theory of science) if Earth is really 4.5 billion years old, it should be cooling.

      Chart indicating increase in volcanic eruptions from 1875-1993


  5. John says:

    There is presently tons of volcanic ash being thrown into the atmosphere which is blocking sun light. Prepare for a very cold winter. Prepare for a very poor crop production. All of this trickles down to disruptions in transportation, economy, health, and over all general welfare. Buy your fuel and generator now while you still can. Buy a couple of cords of wood while you still can. Stock up on food while you still can. The Ice Man Cometh.


  6. mtnwolf63 says:

    “About 50 to 60 volcanoes erupt during a year.” ~ Apparently they can’t count, we’re already over 80 volcanoes this year, as has been well documented on this blog!!!

    Volcanic Eruptions Increase Worldwide


  7. Name theredhawg says:



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