Signs in the heavens? Two comets racing towards Earth and Sun: ‘unprecedented’

November 23, 2013 SPACENASA spotted Comet ISON coming on strong on Thursday. An awesome set of images shows Comet Encke, its tail wriggling, along with Mercury and Earth. Then ISON enters the field. It looks like a comet race. It’s evidence, the space agency says, that ISON is still intact and hasn’t splintered as it approaches the sun. A camera on NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory captured the action Thursday. Watch the tails of the comets below. Solar wind, the particles that stream outward from the sun at 1 million miles per hour, make the comets’ tails move. – LA Times
Double Comets: Battams points out another exciting development: Comet Encke and Comet ISON are converging for a photogenic close encounter. “No they’re not going to hit each other – in reality they are millions of miles apart – but as seen from the STEREO-A spacecraft, they are going to get very close!” he says. “We are probably a couple of days away from seeing two comets almost side-by-side in that camera, with long tails flowing behind them in the solar wind. To say that such an image will be unprecedented is rather an understatement.” Stay tuned for that. –Space Weather
Comet ISON seen in the dawn sky with the planet Mercury in the background. The comets arrive on the heels of the Leonids meteor showers, to create even more spectacles to watch in space.
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9 Responses to Signs in the heavens? Two comets racing towards Earth and Sun: ‘unprecedented’

  1. mtnwolf63 says:

    In that image Encke is 24 million miles CLOSER to the imager than ISON, yet ISON looks MUCH Larger than Encke!!! ISON Must Be HUGE!!!



  2. Mary Janis says:

    We saw Comet ISON while driving this morning between 9A.M. to 9:45A.M in Buffalo City Wisconsin. It was awesome to be able to see it. Will we be able to see Comet Encke? In what direction would the sun be in your top video?


  3. Wow now there’s something u don’t see every day


  4. Kara Shaver says:

    the universe will always astound us. I truly appreciate this site for all it offers, I wont say it is always good news yet I know it is the news that really matters.


  5. JerseyCynic says:

    good lawdy miss clawdy! It’s The Sacred Spermatozoa,,,, racing against time to impregnate our galaxy with all knowledge necessary to escape the current insane reality we call mother earth!!



  6. Irene C says:

    That picture with Mercury is beautiful What an awesome sight. The beauty of God’s creation.


  7. albertabound says:

    I see comet IRON every night right outside my picture window in the sky but for some reason it aint showing tonight. Cant tell if its cloudy but i cant see it. Was wondering wat it was for awhile till 2 days ago! LoL


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