Typhoon Haiyan death toll rises to 5,200 in Philippines

November 22, 2013 PHILIPPINESThe number of people killed when a super typhoon devastated the Philippines has surpassed 5200, making it one of the country’s deadliest natural disasters. The official death toll from the storm jumped by nearly 1200 to 5209, with another 1611 people still missing, the spokesman for the government’s disaster management council, Reynaldo Balido, said on Friday. Super Typhoon Haiyan flattened dozens of towns across the central Philippines on November 8, bringing some of the strongest winds ever recorded and generating tsunami-like storm surges. Balido said the death toll rose sharply on Friday, increasing from 4015, after officials reported body counts from communities outside the worst-hit areas. “If you notice, there was not much movement in the death toll for the past few days. This was because the reporting rules required a casualty report signed by the city mayor and his health officer,” he said. “Now, the reports are coming in from the entire typhoon area.” The Philippines endures a seemingly never-ending pattern of deadly typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions and other natural disasters. 
It is located along a typhoon belt and the so-called Ring of Fire, a vast Pacific Ocean region where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. But Haiyan now stands as one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded in the country, and the worst typhoon. The only other natural disaster to rival Haiyan was a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake in 1976 that killed between 5000 and 8000 people on the southern island of Mindanao. The latest disaster has triggered a giant, international relief effort, with dozens of countries and relief organizations rushing to deliver food, water and health services to isolated communities. The US military has performed the highest-profile role, while Japan has sent more than 1000 troops in its biggest deployment since World War II. China, which is embroiled in a long-running territorial dispute, has also sent a 300-bed hospital ship and relief supplies. –News
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2 Responses to Typhoon Haiyan death toll rises to 5,200 in Philippines

  1. highwic says:

    5200, get serous there are 2000 inhabited islands , there will be 10’s of thousands of deaths


  2. Whitedovie says:

    See that huge ship? Why don’t the men clean that out and use it to house women and children who are staying. Put some rope ladders along side…eventually, they could turn it into a bar and restaurant with parking on the side. Most have meager shelters, building smaller new ones, like town houses may be feasible and quick to build…pay the men in rations to clean up and burn all the wood, recycle the metals. They need some organizers to do this quickly so more don’t die. Hire them to clear roads and the airport.


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