81: Japan’s Nishino-shima volcano creates new island: first eruption in 40 years

November 21, 2013 JAPANA new island was born today in the Pacific Ocean in Japan’s Izu (or Volcano) island chain. It is produced by a new submarine eruption which is currently taking place about 500 m southeast of Nishino-Shima Island. The eruption was first spotted by Japanese navy this morning at 10:20 (local time) who documented surtseyan activity at the eruption site (explosive interaction of sea-water and lava, generating violent jets of steam and ash). It appears that the eruption has already built an island of about 200 m diameter in size, which suggests that the vent was already located in very shallow waters. A small steam and ash plume rising to about 2000 ft (600 m) was reported by VAAC Tokyo. The last known eruption of the volcano occurred in 1973. –Volcano Discovery
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11 Responses to 81: Japan’s Nishino-shima volcano creates new island: first eruption in 40 years

  1. wayne pearson says:

    Hi Alvin, how are you? Long time no communication. I’m just wondering how many volcanic eruptive events have there been now in 2013 up until this point. Please let me know A.S.A.P. Thanks very much brother and God bless.


    • IMG

      How are you? We are at 81….82 eruptions were the highest number ever recorded to my knowledge- and that occurred in 2010. So we may be on the precipice of witnessing something unprecedented in recent geological history. One can only wonder what the rest of the year holds.

      God bless,


      • bobby90247 says:

        So then, we are simply in an “active” period for volcanoes…huh!

        AND, part of the reason for the “slight” increase over 2010 “may be” because of better monitoring…right!


      • V

        Volcanoes have always been well-monitored for the last decade. The fact that the rise in volcanism is not abating is the over-riding concern. Volcanoes are also erupting and staying active – which wasn’t the case a decade ago. Volcanoes are also experiencing multiple eruptive phases over the course of one year like, Singabung, Merapi, Tavurvur, Fuego, like Colima, Popocatepetl, and like the volcanoes in Alaska and Kamchatka.


      • wayne pearson says:

        I’m very good thanks for asking brother Alvin and I hope you are well also. Thank you very much for that helpful information. All the very best for the future and take good care. SHALOM!


  2. Irene C says:

    Wow – 81 eruptions so far this year. I do believe we will break the record in 2013. Makes me shudder thinking about next year. I also believe that these earth changes are going to start increasing exponentially, faster than most people realize.


  3. tonic says:

    81 volcanoes is a lot of gas and dust that was not there before…


  4. Is this the fourth island emerging from the ocean this year? I wonder if there are more unreported remote ones that they do not know or won’t mention? Also, there were multiple eruptions in a single day for some days. It is getting more by the year. Is the average count about 60 eruptions a year like they say? Please advise.Thanks.


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