Mexico’s Colima volcano goes ballistic after weeks of relative calm

November 20, 2013MEXICO On Monday night and Tuesday morning, the Colima volcano showed two strong exhalations; ejecting lava down its slopes and ash skyward, that has reached several villages. Since last Sunday, the Volcan de Fuego de Colima was reactivated after several weeks of apparent calm and until Tuesday registered between 30 and 35 puffs per day, spewing lava down its slopes and ash that reached the people of Cheese, municipality of Cuauhtémoc, Colima, and some towns in the state of Jalisco. Yesterday at 21:45 hours this morning between 8:00 and 8:30 am, the volcano emitted two strong exhalations heard that reached in the communities closest to the “granite colossus,” mainly in the municipalities of Comala and Cuauhtémoc. From the city of Colima there was a big cloud of steam that rose to just over 2 miles. The chief operating officer of the State System of Civil Protection, Melchor Ursua Quiroz, said: “The volcano has been recharged” and in the last two days has been sharp exhalations, which triggered an alert status from monitoring equipment installed before this new volcanic activity. 
Ursua said that the exhalations Quiroz registered so far, between 30 and 35, are water vapor, once in the mountainous area of the state, bordering Jalisco north, there has been heavy rainfall. He said those exhalations were accompanied by light columns of lava that caused lahars (ash, volcanic stone, mud and water) on the slopes of the volcano, which have been deposited in the canyons and streams of the Cordobán and the Hearth, “the latter was saturated volcanic material and will need to get heavy machinery for cleaning and desludging.” He also said that there is “a warning to the population,” which does not mean that there is intention evacuations, as this alert is intended only for people to be on the lookout for information on the conditions under which the colossus. The Colima Volcano is currently one of the busiest in the country and is the most monitored, however much of its equipment is damaged or it has been stolen and require replacement.El Universal (translated)
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11 Responses to Mexico’s Colima volcano goes ballistic after weeks of relative calm

  1. maybe it the comet passing by ?? seems all around the world the mountains are hissing! Thank you for keeping us informed..


  2. bobby90247 says:

    I realize “most” people will NOT believe this but, this volcano is at the 19.4 latitude which corresponds with what Nassim Harramein talks about in his “Theories!”

    All of this Volcanic activity, according to him, at the 19.4 latitude is due to “ships” capable of using a “singularity” in conjunction with the Earth for DEEP SPACE TRAVEL!!!

    It would therefore be interesting to “TEST” his theories by accumulating as much data as possible in reference to ALL the volcanoes on the Planet and the “times” of their respective activity relative to their position and that of any volcano, earthquake activity on the opposite side of the World at the same time!


  3. vikified says:

    Hey Alvin.. Hope u’ve been well.
    Seems a sudden uptick in volcanism earth is getting agitated. What is your pov on this?


    • v

      As I wrote in 2009, if this continues to worsen, what comes next is frankly unthinkable

      “As the planet continues to over-heat, more volcanoes will erupt in a desperate attempt to vent excessive heat building up within the planet’s interior. When the thresh-hold of maximum volcanic dissipation is breached; the planet will tilt toward a chaotic state of catastrophic cyclic destruction…much like the confusion of elements and hyperactivity witnessed on the sun, when the sun’s magnetic poles flip and solar activity reaches a maximum…if the kaleidoscope of erupting terrestrial volcanoes does not abate this runaway thermal acceleration, and excess heat and gases continue to build-up in the planet’s interior, the supervolcanoes will arm themselves, as they represent a larger exothermic geological process to depressurize trapped gases and heat…there are signs that the supervolcanoes across the planet are already stirring, and may be in the primary stages of uploading.” –The Extinction Protocol, p. 510,511, 2009


  4. TACMED says:

    Is it just me or has there been a large increase of volcanic activity. I understand that with the World Wide Web and communications it’s easier to here of stuff around the world, although it seems like a lot more activity.


  5. Irene C says:

    The amount of seismic and volcanic activity is amazing. What’s also amazing is how so many people are blind to the earth changes happening around us. Or maybe they’re blind because there’s nothing we can do about it. Thank you Alvin for keeping us informed.


  6. Mercer says:

    We are waiting for a world-wide event to decide to change your life and thus a change of attitude towards the present and the future. But in the face of the reckless race man has entered, he has left particles of human sensitivity and has exchanged them for worldly ephemeral chimeras.
    Whoever seeks light in good will, shall find more light; whoever seeks to find darkness where there is light, more darkness he will find. This is why it is logical to have a result that: darkness does not permit sight. So when the Divine Messages speak to us about seeing with our conscience, those who do not even want to see the dramatic events that take place in the world, do not have the smallest notion of the events that signal the instant in which we live, being only a step away from man starting a catastrophe.
    Hunger expands and will end up razing this humanity, such is the state in which many of our brothers and sisters live. I can point out that in Syria permission has been granted to feed off of the meat of dogs and cats so that the people do not die of hunger.
    The volcanoes awaken, as if they had put them in a sequence to prepare man and by some way motivate him to elevate himself spiritually. Reading the life of the Saints, we admire them and that is good, but it must motivate us to change, to that unrest that does not allow us to sleep if we have not been able to do something, no matter how small, so that humanity increases in its awareness of the Love of Christ.
    So many debate in the economies of the world! And I ask: What economies, if these have not been able to sustain the hunger of the Peoples because of the selfishness of the powerful? And supremacy will be maintained as long as there exist human beings which to govern; a pity that leaders have forgotten that with nuclear weapons they will not have anybody to govern, not even the Earth will be left habitable! And they have forgotten that radiation penetrates into the depths of the earth and the earth, contaminated, will not be suitable for man’s survival.

    They call us crazy or perhaps possessed, liars or catastrophic, countless names with which they point us out, but, who can stun me if Christ, from His very Hand, has shown me man’s suffering, that suffering where the rulers do not go, not even the majority of the clergy? That is the pain that keeps Christ present and operating in the midst of this degenerate and ignorant humanity, that has been unyielding in seeing what is good where it is not.
    Humanity remains like in Noah’s time: it eats, drinks, enjoys itself and continues its life as if nothing bad were happening. This is not the reality for this generation, on the contrary, the inexorable punishment that man has created for himself, remains over all of humanity without excluding anyone.
    It is embarrassing to see photographs of the great tunnels the United States and possibly other World Powers have dug to shelter the Nations’ “important” persons, forgetting that for God, the humble and simple of heart come first….


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