7 Responses to Iran unveils attack drone ‘with 2,000 km range,’ – capable of hitting any targets in Israel

  1. stevenj says:

    They are very, very good at building mockups and claiming they are real. I’d bet this is just that – a mockup to stir things up a bit… I’ll believe it exists after one crashes outside of their borders and is recovered… Next they’ll claim it can carry nukes…;-)


  2. Brandon says:

    As we look at Iran’s poor excuse for a drone capable of holding two small bombs capable of destroying maybe a vehicle. We should remember they have not attacked another nation in hundreds of years while Israel has attacked Syria three times this year alone. Something to think about.


  3. TLindemann says:

    Why are so many people convinced that Iran could not possibly build a well-built unmanned drone and even arm it? What if by chance are they not only able to build such a device, but also be cunning enough to have built and used inferior devices to hide the real deal? Seems to me no one except those who saw through the facade believed Hitler was capable of, let alone coming into power, carrying out what he eventually did. Just a thought…


  4. red baron says:

    well they are beyond mock-ups as can be checked out on http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MgKrV7Afi7E
    maybe these UAVs are not state of the art (yet) but for sure they had made good progress in recent years.
    this is usually what happens when US initiates an embargo on a country, expediting the development of indigeneous capabilities.


  5. martin says:

    human greed is everwhere . untill we grow up nothing will change . this is my world and im grown up are u ?


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