Powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Scotia Sea

Scotia Sea Nov 17
November 17, 2013 SOUTH AMERICAA powerful 7.8 magnitude undersea earthquake struck in the Scotia Sea, a remote region in the far south Atlantic near Antarctica, US earthquake monitors reported Sunday. The quake struck at 0904 GMT in the ocean some 893 kilometers (550 miles) southwest of Grytviken, South Georgia, and 1,140 kilometers (710 miles) southeast of Ushuaia, Argentina, said the US Geological Survey, which monitors earthquakes worldwide. This is the second major earthquake to strike the region in 24 hours. Today’s earthquake was preceded by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake. –The News, TEP
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3 Responses to Powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Scotia Sea

  1. bobby90247 says:

    Was a “Tsunami” warning issued? I doubt it as the article didn’t mention anything along with yesterday’s didn’t mention anything. This is probably the largest magnitude quake this fault CAN produce as it is only 10 km deep which is very shallow for a fault and probably “why” they didn’t issue a “Tsunami” alert…just sayin’!


  2. Irene C says:

    There’s still a lot of activity going on in the area. Make me wonder if there is volcanic activity going on underneath the water.

    Meanwhile – back on the homefront:

    Illinois Tornado Wreaks Havoc Near Peoria


    CHICAGO, Nov 17 (Reuters) – A fast-moving storm system triggered multiple tornadoes in Illinois and Indiana on Sunday, killing at least two people, injuring about 40 and flattening large parts of the city of Washington, Illinois as it crashed across the Midwest, officials said.

    The storm created tornadoes in Bone Gap and Miller City, Illinois, in Mount Carmel, Noblesville and Vincennes in Indiana, and in Paducah, Kentucky, the National Weather Service said.

    The storm also forced the Chicago Bears to halt their game against the Baltimore Ravens and encourage fans at Soldier Field to seek shelter as the storm roared in. Chicago’s two major airports also briefly stopped traffic with the metropolitan area was under a tornado watch.

    The city of Washington, Illinois, was hit hard by what the National Weather Service called a “large and extremely dangerous” tornado.

    (Fatalities are 4 now.)

    As I type this here in Ohio, part of this line is coming right at us.


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