Sun magnetic field will ‘flip upside down’ within weeks, says NASA

November 16, 2013SPACESun is set to “flip upside down” within weeks as its magnetic field reverses polarity in an event that will send ripple effects throughout the solar system. Although it may sound like a catastrophic occurrence, there’s no need to run for cover. The sun switches its polarity, flipping its magnetic north and south, once every eleven years through an internal mechanism about which little is understood. The swap could however cause intergalactic weather fronts such as geomagnetic storms, which can interfere with satellites and cause radio blackouts. NASA said in August that the change would happen in three to four months time, but it is impossible to give a more specific date. Scientist won’t know for around another three weeks whether the flip is complete. The solar flip incidentally coincides with the near approach of Comet Ison. It’s unknown what effect, if any, solar behavior will have on the comet. The impact of the solar shake-up will be widespread, as the sun’s magnetic field exerts influence well beyond Pluto, and past NASA’s Voyager probes positioned near the edge of interstellar space.
The event will be watched closely by researchers at Stanford University’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, which monitors the sun’s magnetic field on a daily basis. Todd Hoeksema, director of the Wilcox Solar Observatory, said the polarity change is built up throughout the eleven year cycle through areas of intense magnetic activity known as sunspots which gradually move towards the poles, eroding the existing opposite polarity. Eventually, the magnetic field reduces to zero, before rebounding with the opposite polarity. “It’s kind of like a tide coming in or going out,” Hoeksema said. “Each little wave brings a little more water in, and eventually you get to the full reversal.” One of the most noticeable effect on Earth will be a boost in the occurrence, range and visibility of auroras – the Northern Lights. “It’s not a catastrophic event, it’s a large scale event that has some real implications, but it’s not something we need to worry about,” added Hoeksema. –Independent, TEP
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11 Responses to Sun magnetic field will ‘flip upside down’ within weeks, says NASA

  1. John says:

    If the sun can reverse polarity quickly, perhaps the earth can do likewise. Do we know of any planets that reverse polarity on a short schedule like the sun?


    • E

      Earth. Magnetic reversals can take days, as opposed to the thousands of year hypothesized by geologists.

      “Since the field reversals are recorded in the fossil strata, the reversals must have happened when the strata were being laid down. Many creationists argue that Noah’s Flood produced most of the fossil layers in a single year. Thus, these reversals of the earth’s magnetic field have to be envisaged as occurring on average every week or two during the Flood year.

      Such changes are obviously very rapid compared to the evolutionist’s multi-thousand-year or million-year-plus time-scales predicted by their dynamo hypothesis. However, creationists Dr. Thomas G. Barnes (Professor Emeritus of Physics, The University of Texas at El Paso) and Dr. D. Russell Humphreys (physicist at the Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, and Adjunct Professor of Physics at the Institute for Creation Research, San Diego) have argued convincingly for a viable alternative hypothesis to the dynamo. They propose freely decaying electric currents in the earth’s core. This mechanism accounts for the real-time decay of the earth’s field over approximately the past 150 years, the current generated from such field decay correlating well with calculations of the amount of current actually present within the core. In addition, it can account for the magnetic reversals recorded in the rocks having taken place in a matter of only days to weeks!,”

      Source: Fossil magnetism reveals rapid reversals of the earth’s magnetic field


  2. Jeesh, what isn’t happening up in the sky this month??? I am ducking for cover everytime I hear a noise because of all I have heard! Praise God we have His Son in case I do get hit on the head by I son.!!! Keep looking up, Maranatha!!!


  3. tony says:

    Oh Dear, if it flips its magnetic fields and this affects us, does this mean all my fridge magnets will drop off?


  4. tonic says:

    The difference with this reversal is how poor (weak) it is in relation to past solar cycles. The Earths magnetic field will react to it. And any other objects that are captured within it’s magnetic field. The whole Solar System.
    Cosmic radiation has been given a window. As has small objects that relay on orbit. And orbit is a very fragile existence.


  5. Just my opinion but if suns fields flip by end of this Dec. then we should be entering into the start of an ice age type event on Earth by probably start of 2015…


    • joseph reesha says:

      A “Mini Ice Age” is entirely possible, but not at all related to the elctromagnetic fields of the earth and the common occurence of the Sun’s Magnetic Field Reversal, every 11.5 years to be exact. The Ice Ages if the past, and certainly a couple Global Weather Models of current, show that with the desalination of the Atlantic Ocean (too much fresh water entering the salt water, mostly coming from Iceland whose ice sheet is above a hardened continent) is already leading towards a slow down of the deep Atlantic Current. There “can” come a time when the current will all but stop and “if” that were to happen, with 18 months the Jet Stream will change so rapidly, that it will be like the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” and we will go into an Immediate Mini Ice Age… Could last hundreds of years, thus called Mini. But that depends on what else happens in our Global Weather System. More then a couple billion people will die and fast. Ice will cover from the now north pole to Denver, Colorado, most if not all of Europe, with mass survival migrations South by those alive. 30 degrees of the Equator is the survival zone, basically.

      That movie by the way, was only science fiction of couse, but it was made upon current weather modeling. And we can already see super storms coming to pass. The Cyclone on the news now in the Phippeans, more and more F4 & F5’s/ Chicago was threatened with a tornado last night… They say cities like Dallas, Tx is in a big stike zone and is on borrowed time! It wasn’ build for a Tornado of any proportions. An F2 would clobber it!


  6. joseph reesha says:

    This is fun stuff to follow. Right now the Sun is more then 1/2 way through it’s reversal process. With the new Eleven Sun Dedicated Satellites up there now, just since the beginning of 2013, and 6 of the American (we all interface with eachother when it comes to the sun), and we have 5 more slated to go up… Our planet is “really crunching the numbers” now! So much still not known. Hopefully, as they say, :they” being NOAA & NASA, China, Russia, India, Japan, Brazil and Mexico’s related agencies, we can get to being able to predict Solar Flares in the coming 3 years! They need some break through’s. And the earth is a funny beast: 250,000 known magnetic reversals last count, last time I checked. Never a known “catatropic failure” of life associated with the reversal of the magnetic poles… But this doesn’t mean that there wern’t problems to life. Solar Flare Gamma Rays & X-Rays could have accounted for countless casses of animals going blind in 1849, when we got hit with that huge X-Class. And Cancer, which was less popular back in those days, could have seen a huge spike! Research accordingly is still being done. Especially by those living on the open plains and amoung the Indian Cultures…

    That’s NOT the same thing as the movement of the physical poles and it’s relationship to “other” earth core understandings. The last time the physical poles reversed, according to those same anthropologist, geophysicisits and others, out of Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Duke to name a few (doing research with their own money by the way since 1977), that last one looked to have gone down about 26,500 years ago… And their location would have put the North Pole and South Pole at opposite ends of the current Equator! Now that’s interesting stuff… And Krakatoa as a “Super Volcano” (ie Yellowstone’s level) blew; cracked a continent… THE Continent. Ahhh. But which one? Any guesses? Accordingly, they are now finding Artifacts accordingly dating back to these periods, by looking in the areas of the South China Sea… And that some of that continent never sunk, but rather was “washed over” with the movement of the Oceans, at castaclimic levels (more like the movie “2012” that came out in 2010/2011. And these cutting edge researchers are no longer in fear of being called crazy and loosing their academici credibilties, etc… They just came out of the closet late 2012/early 2013… Hope you find this all intersesting…


  7. thefriar says:

    The earth’s magnetic poles are changing. The magnetic North Pole is now situated somewhere in Siberia. This change has nothing to do with Global Warming!


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