Comet Ison’s sudden outburst stuns scientists: will it break up?

November 16, 2013SPACECOMET ISON OUTBURST CONTINUES:  The abrupt brightening of Comet ISON on Nov. 14th has pushed the comet into the range of naked eye visibility. Dark-sky observers around the world report seeing it with their unaided eyes on the morning of Nov. 15th. To the human eye, ISON is just a faint smudge of magnitude +5.5. Backyard telescopes are revealing much more. The effects of the outburst have propagated into the comet’s suddenly riotous tail, as shown in this image taken on the morning of Nov. 15th by Damian Peach: “It’s hard to believe this is the same comet I photographed on Nov. 10th,” says Peach. “Now that ISON has experienced an outburst, the show has really begun.” The increase in brightness and emergence of multiple gaseous streamers could be caused by fresh veins of ice opening up in the comet’s nucleus. Rapid vaporization of ice by solar heat is a sure-fire way to boost a comet’s visibility.
But, as NASA’s Comet ISON Observing Campaign states, “we have no idea.” The comet’s nucleus is hidden from view by a hazy green atmosphere, so events in the interior remain a mystery. “I have a strong suspicion that this is Comet LINEAR (C/1999 S4) all over again,” says Mark Kidger of the ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre in Madrid. In the year 2000, Kidger other astronomers monitored Comet LINEAR as it disintegrated en route to the sun. “The sudden appearance of ISON’s gas tail, the increasing fuzziness of its coma, and now this sudden outburst all remind me of C/1999 S4 just before it broke apart.” To reiterate: No one knows what is happening to Comet ISON. This could be the comet’s death throes–or just the first of many brightening events the comet experiences as it plunges toward the sun for a close encounter on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28th). Monitoring is encouraged. Comet ISON rises in the east just before the sun. Amateur astronomers, if you have a GOTO telescope, enter these coordinates. Dates of special interest include Nov. 17th and 18th when the comet will pass the bright star. –Space Weather
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9 Responses to Comet Ison’s sudden outburst stuns scientists: will it break up?

  1. Irene C says:

    This is becoming a bit disappointing. I was really hoping for a heavenly show like Hale-Bopp was.


  2. deniseandros says:

    What a stunning image to behold! What fools, those who say; “there is no GOD.” The awesomeness of creation testifies to His glory. “Praise Him in the heights!”


  3. Aaron Moriarity says:

    How come the article does not talk about the radar images from the Chinese space agency, that does show the comet close up, and it has 2 strange tube like objects orbiting Ison in a tight orbit.


  4. Dr. Memphis says:

    How come this article does not address the FACT that voices have been heard from inside the comet by Russian cosmonauts at the Aaron Moriarity Space Station?


    • deniseandros says:

      Good morning Dr. Memphis,
      This is the first that I’ve heard of this. There was a time when I would have thought that this was lunacy. However, not too long ago, I was in the kitchen cooking, and talking with my teenaged grandson. Out of the blue we both heard the unmistakable sound of a shofar. It was clear, beautiful, and at the same time haunting.

      Immediately, we both stopped what we were doing and listened in stunned silence. It was loud but not ear shattering. It sounded as if it came from every direction, but definitely from above.

      We don’t live close to the Synagogue, so I knew that it didn’t originate from there. Besides, I had never heard a Shofar sound like this one.

      I got goose bumps and my Grandson became a little nervous. A short time later, I found an article in Prophecy in the News magazine, about people in various places through out the world that were hearing a number of strange sounds, including trumpet blasts.

      These are exciting times, and we are blessed to be that generation, chosen to live in the days that the ancient prophets spoke of. Prophecy is being fulfilled all around us and it is awesome!


      • SammiD says:

        I’ve heard that sound also, (Ohio) but it was about 2 years ago! It sounded like the blast of a trumpet.
        It was loud and seemed to come from every direction, but especially up. The sound lasted for several minutes.


      • deniseandros says:

        I’m used to the sound of the shofar, so I recognized it immediately. This sound, much like the sounds you heard, seemed to come from every direction, the blasts had a quality of sound that I had never before heard. The sound was clear and crisp, it was awesome. It definitely came from above.

        A few minutes after hearing these blasts, I went on line to see if anyone in my area was reporting the same thing; I found nothing. The only thing that I can figure is that GOD allowed me to have a unique, and shared, spiritual experience with my grandson. The only biblical experience that I can relate this to, is when GOD allowed Elisha to have a glimpse of what was taking place in the spiritual realm.

        These are the last days and we should expect to see more supernatural events. We have to exercise caution though, because we are told that Satan will also be preforming lying signs and wonders.

        This was amazing, and I am so happy to talk with someone who has shared the same experience.


  5. Joey10K says:

    It’s perfectly obvious that the Alien Invasion has begun.


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