USGS says Chicago area did experience an earthquake on Nov. 4

November 15, 2013CHICAGO (AP) — Scientists of the U.S. Geological Survey say it’s likely it was an earthquake that shook Chicago’s western suburbs after a blast at a quarry. USGS scientist Jim Dewey says research indicates quarry blasts don’t cause larger follow-up tremors. However, a quarry blast in McCook was followed by a related tremor seven seconds later. Dewey says USGS scientists now believe the blast triggered a release of tectonic strain at a shallow depth, not miles deep in the earth’s crust where earthquakes usually originate. The USGS and Hanson Materials, owner of the quarry, will install a seismograph in the quarry which will make hourly readings of the earth’s behavior. The Nov. 4 tremor shook several communities southwest of Chicago. There were no reports of damage or injuries. –CBS
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1 Response to USGS says Chicago area did experience an earthquake on Nov. 4

  1. Irene C says:

    This reminds me of a SYFY movie called Megafault. A quarry blast in WV triggered a massive fault that worked it’s way clear across the country. (This is the SYFY channel after all.) Not that I believe it could happen, but…well, just saying.


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