5 Responses to Russian lawmaker seeks to ban U.S. dollar, predicts 2017 collapse

  1. Simcha Aliyah says:

    A smart move by Russia. I do think 2017 as the collapsing date is a might optimistic


  2. Irene C says:

    Sounds like a good lead-in to a cashless society. IMO


  3. silverstreek says:

    I believe this Russian lawmaker is a bit optimistic! If America doesn’t change the way it spends money adding even more to the massive debit it’s already piled up? The dollar may be history by as early as September of 2015. The date is speculation on my part……….. It’s purely based on what is known as a Shemitah year! A Shemitah begins and ends in the month of Tishri (Jewish Biblical Calendar) that happens every seventh year. America had a financial collapse in September of 2001 right after 9/11. Unfortunately America suffered another financial collapse even worse than the prior financial crisis in September of 2008. So, seven years from September 2008 is September 2015. It’s just theory that America will see either it’s own collapse financially, or the entire world financial system will collapse. If this does happen? It will open the door to a one world banking system!

    Sound Biblical? It is! To give credit where credit is due. I thank Jonathan Cahn for teaching myself and many others what a Shemitah is! But, to let the reader know, Jonathan isn’t teaching the economic collapse of any country. My observation is based on Biblical principle, and the fact America seems to be under Judgment by the Almighty for getting doing what is evil in his eyes! Plus if we look at a Shemitah happening every seven years on a specific date (like America has). It doesn’t look good for the future……… God Bless.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Yes, the year after Obama leave office, if he leaves.
    How about 2015?

    Yes, there is a move by countries of the world to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency… We need to realize how much America is hated around the world and with the recent NSA spy issues and other matters, I would not be surprised if a plot is not underway to have

    internal extreme terrorist strikes and while our attention is diverted, a surprised nuclear strike…

    The country is imploding from within……..like a cancer that was hidden, its now making it’s appearance.

    Just my opinion…….


    • silverstreek says:

      Dennis, I have to agree with you! I believe if America has a financial meltdown? It will be September of 2015. I’m not basing my own theory on some prophetic dream or vision. However, after reading and beginning to understanding how God warns his people before taking action against them if they don’t straighten up. I’m sure all concerned have seen the degradation of morality within America. And It seems so ironic that our past and future are tied to Isaiah chapter 9:10-17, as were the Jews of that period. On 9/11 the towers were knocked down. In part of Isaiah it says the bricks have fallen. But if you read to the end of verse 17? I believe you’ll start to see a prophetic picture coming into view. I really believe we as a Nation are being warned. And if we don’t notice and change our ways? It’s going to get real, ugly!


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