6 Responses to 8 killed storming rice warehouse in typhoon-ravaged region of Philippines

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I think we should take notice here at this scene. It could be played out here and I ‘m not trying to be a prophet or a know-it-all but if the earth changes occur as we believe, then we, here in America can expect a disruption in food being delivered and even robbed enroute to the store by gangs and other mobs,hungry.
    I think we should take heed, we are moving into perilous and dangerous times in which matters and disputes are being settled by the gun and not by reason.


  2. Wiseguy says:

    Take some notes my friends !!! This is what will happen to our countries sooner than later. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms, earthquakes, we are still lucky but within months we’ll know how desperate philippians are feeling right now. North American citizens have a strong way to ”keep business as usual” after cataclysmic events, but they won’t be able to catch up soon… god bless us all my friends, we are the lucky ones…


  3. niebo says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, to me this “feels” like some variety of “Skinner box” experiment: an island nation, isolated not by geography but by circumstances, used as a beta for the study of societal collapse in the wake of an unprecedented disaster. Massive floods have destroyed villages, families, infrastructure, and hope; people have been stripped of all but the innate, biological imperative to survive, which is a primal, basic, “animal” instinct. In such an environment, the “rules” of civilization hardly apply. Add to that the complexity of the rules of state, which direct that fiscal resources be expended for protective measures for businesses and economic assets rather than for aid for helpless citizens, men and women and children who find themselves at the mercy of a “state” that does not care about their welfare and which may shoot them for perceived acts of desperation.

    Five years ago, humanitarian groups from around the world would be mobilized to help. The US military would be there to help. Today, however, economic and political constraints limit and/or hinder such, so the Phillipines are left to themselves, to do as they will. One thing is certain: “things” will never be the same again.

    God help us all.


  4. Irene C says:

    This is so heartbreaking. Still praying for these people.


  5. What happened in Phyllipines, is not only from the field of Weather or Climate Changes…..To each Change in the Weather, there can be a “precaution” to take, whether this natural event or another natural event, will happen….This time, the “Natural Disaster”, which happened to these People, has as a result a “destruction” of a “society”, and this phyllipiny society which has been harmed, is not so small…, the destruction of the masses of animal, the destruction of the “marines’ life” Inside the water, and all that , is leading to the destruction of almost all the biggest Islands , Inside Phyllipines…..It has, therefore being destroyed, “financially” speaking, “economically” speaking, and with the deaths of thousands of people, all the “Institutions” of the Country, such as schools, educational Institutions, even Universities, or medical Institutions”…..The Phyllipines is standing now, in front of a Calamity, which has attacked her as a Society, with all what this term includes….Now it is the “function-role” of the International Community, to act, and react, facing that “disaster” which is not theirs now, but which can “attack them ” one day… The International Community, (including Israel) has to extand her help, not only just now for “rescuing, and treating , and giving humanitarianaid and medicines”, but too, to help The Phyllipines, to restore her Own Social Life, Social Development as scientific as any other Social Develoment which has been harmed, and to restore once again all what they had, and has not anymore……It is the kind of Help, needed, now……


  6. This was really a tragedy.. I hope that somehow at this point they have recovered already even if it’s only for a start… Nobody can ever fully forget the destruction that this typhoon caused, may we all learn from it.


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