Panic and fear, as double measles outbreaks hit Britain and Queensland

November 9, 2013LONDON Health chiefs have warned Britain is on the brink of a second major ­epidemic just four months after the previous outbreak, which claimed one life and more than 1,200 victims. The virus is highly contagious. Experts say one child with measles sitting in a classroom for just an hour will pass it on to at least 70 per cent of other pupils who are not vaccinated. Cases have once again soared in Swansea, the area which was hit earlier this year. Health chiefs in Wales warned last month that a renewed flare-up was likely to spread rapidly unless children have the vital secondary measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) booster jab. At that point, the total stood at 13 cases but this has already risen to 36. “Parents and young people should not underestimate how serious ­measles can be and how quickly it can spread,” said Dr. Jorg Hoffmann, ­Public Health Wales consultant in communicable disease control. “To prevent this outbreak spreading even further, it’s crucial that unvaccinated children and young people receive two doses of MMR urgently and that those with symptoms do not attend school.” The ­epidemic which swept the greater Swansea area earlier this year triggered a huge vaccination program.
While many children got their first dose of the MMR injection, a significant number failed to get a booster jab within a month. Although more than 70,000 catch-up MMR jabs were given across Wales during the epidemic, 30,000 children and young people aged from 10 to 18 remain unprotected. Health officials emphasized that the only protection against the infection is two doses of the MMR jab. All cases in the new outbreak, affecting four schools, date from the start of October. Several of the new cases have been spread as a result of pupils attending school already with the symptoms of measles. Where sufficient numbers of children remain unprotected in a school where there has been measles, school vaccination sessions will be arranged. Dr. Hoffmann added: “Parents who have decided not to vaccinate their children are not only risking their children’s health but are putting other children at risk. “We are very frustrated to see more cases so soon after the large outbreak earlier this year and we are very keen for this to be stopped before we return to a position where children are admitted to hospital or die.” –Express UK
Measles outbreak hits Queensland: Thirty-five people have now contracted measles in Queensland in one of the worst outbreaks of the disease in Queensland’s recent history. This year 30 of the 35 measles cases have emerged since August, with eight cases now confirmed at Woodford Correctional Centre. Last year only four Queenslanders contracted measles. Questions are being asked if the measles outbreak is linked to overcrowding in Queensland prisons. The Department of Justice and Attorney General on Wednesday evening confirmed there were now 6432 prisoners in Queensland jails on November 6. It is the first time in Queensland history prisoner numbers have been more than 6000. The extra 832 prisoners include hundreds “doubling up” in cells at several prisons in the Ipswich area. Queensland’s chief medical officer Dr. Jeanette Young confirmed “gene tracing” had matched the Woodford prison measles outbreak to the measles outbreak in Ipswich. “Gene sequencing has now linked the Woodford outbreak to the Ipswich outbreak which so far has affected 23 people including those at Woodford,” Dr. Young said on Thursday night.
So far this year, 35 people in Queensland have contracted measles, with 30 of these falling ill since August including the 23 in the Ipswich-Woodford outbreak.” There has not been a connection to an Ipswich prison, although prisoner transfers are being checked, Dr. Young told reporters last week. Dr. Young confirmed the three extra cases of measles – bringing the total to eight confirmed cases – inside Woodford Correctional Centre. Dr. Young confirmed prisons were now a hotspot of concern for health authorities, after vaccinating 1200 prisoners and staff. “Measles is a highly contagious disease and can spread more easily in any situation where many people are in close contact,” she said. “This includes places like schools, shopping centers, airports or prisons.” Health authorities have already warned people between the ages of 20 and 40 are more vulnerable to measles because they believed they were immunized. Public health physician Dr. Heidi Carroll said many adults in their late 20s and early 30s mistakenly believe they have been vaccinated for measles. “This may be because measles vaccine wasn’t universally available to all children in Australia until the late 1980s and early 1990s,” she said. –Brisbane Times
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5 Responses to Panic and fear, as double measles outbreaks hit Britain and Queensland

  1. Michael says:

    This story is nothing more then to scare you into getting Mercury laced and cancer filled shot for you and your children. Do NOT fall for it


  2. George says:

    The media and governments are creating the panic to promote vaccination. Almost all the diseases were reducing as societies became better nourished, had clean water supplies and mains drainage improving hygene. There scientific basis of vaccines is unresearched and unproven. Many, if not all, of the vaccines contain dangerous chemicals together with neuro-toxins, foetal cells, cancerous monkey cells, etc. Please check these sites don’t rely on MSM and what the doctors tell you, big Pharm is big business. Get educated about vaccines now and don’t let your doctor bully you into getting vaccines! The Vaccine Research Directory has 200+ pages of vaccine studies at your fingertips!


  3. Adam says:

    I’m very happy to see that people are seeing through the veil. Vaccinations are getting pushed for everything these days and this will be another front for a big push with exaggerated numbers.


  4. freedom007 says:

    Hey Big Pharm, wanna sell out your surplus MMR jabs, to keep them running out of “To be used before X.X.Y” date? And British Press how much money did you get from Big Pharm for this P.R.?
    To say it otherwise: the articles qoutred above are biased toward vaccination instead of mirroring reality. How many previously vaccined kids contracted measles during the last break-out ?
    British Press, you should report this number AND the number of kids not previously vaccined.Only then your reports could be deemed objective.

    At this point I remember another issue, quite old but only recently published, which nearly shocked me when I came to know it from T.V.:
    UK has no Freedom of the Press fixed in its Constitution. Scandalous! Modernize this… at last.


  5. tonic says:

    Natural immunization will always come at a very expensive price.
    As a parent, this decision must be a very difficult call.


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