6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes North-Central Chile

Chile Oct 31
November 1, 2013 CHILEA 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocked north-central Chile on Thursday, causing buildings to sway in the capital and nervous people to run out into the streets. But Chile’s emergency services office said no damages to infrastructure were reported and Chile’s Navy discarded the possibility of a tsunami. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake’s epicenter was located about 54 kilometers (33 miles) southwest of the city of Coquimbo or about 400 kilometers (250 miles) from Santiago. Its depth was 10 kilometers (6 miles). Chile is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries. A magnitude-8.8 quake and the tsunami it unleashed in 2010 killed more than 500 people, destroyed 220,000 homes, and washed away docks, riverfronts and seaside resorts. That quake was so strong it shortened the Earth’s day slightly by changing the planet’s rotation. The strongest earthquake ever recorded also happened in Chile, a magnitude-9.5 in 1960 that killed more than 5,000 people. –ABC News
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2 Responses to 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes North-Central Chile

  1. bobby90247 says:

    The “Pacific Rim” certainly is…”ACTIVE!”

    I am preparing (survival supplies) for the San Andreas Fault to “move” anytime…NOW!

    Although Los Angeles County (in general) relies on the “Aqueduct” for water, we do have many “watershed’s” and “well’s” for water supply. Although, that doesn’t mean the “government” will acknowledge nor allow anyone to utilize that should the aqueduct be damaged!

    On the contrary, they’ll simply use the damaged aqueduct to “squeeze” the last dollar out of everyone!!!

    “MARK MY WORDS!!!”


  2. We are seeing a big increase again in activity of Quakes..


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