Mount Etna’s explosive eruption causes airport closure

October 30, 2013ITALYMount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world has again started spewing lava from its bowels and sent a huge plume of volcanic ash into the air much akin to the earlier eruptions in 2012. Mount Etna volcano is situated in Sicily and it started to spew volcanic ash on Saturday Morning. There has been no casualties’ according to BBC but Air Traffic at the Catania airport was temporarily halted because of the smoke. The Airport reopened at Dawn. As mentioned, Mt Etna is an active volcano which erupts regularly at short intervals. Situated in Sicily the volcano stands at an imposing 10,922 feet high at its summit and is Europe’s highest and most active volcano. The volcano has been spewing small and sporadic volcanic ash emissions since September. Mount Etna reported the 13th episode of activity in 2013, but the last major eruption was in 1992. The primeval Greeks thought Mount Etna was home to the god of fire, Vulcan. When Mount Etna erupted, they thought that Vulcan was simply forging weapons for Mars, the god of war. Volcanic eruptions are often accompanied by tremors and in Mount Etna’s case also underground tremors were reported on Friday before the eruptions on Saturday. Till now evacuation has not been ordered from the many villages that are present on the volcano slopes. –Pentagon Post
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7 Responses to Mount Etna’s explosive eruption causes airport closure

  1. Joseph Sonny Skies says:

    Hi Alvin! Glad to see that you are o.k. after that huge windstorm. prayers with you everyday. Peace….BTW..I have been researching the 4 blood moon tetrad as well the solar eclipses starting with next week’s and other signs in the sky…Seems like something is about to go bonkers soon.. as you have been advising for some time now, starting with your books. Thank you!


  2. aled says:

    Dear Alvin,
    I’ve been watching and reading your stories and thoughts for years now. I miss the story updates every other day. I take your news everyday to my heart since mass media can’t. I watched this place at its peak and on its down. Without this site, the people can’t find proper information. Your hard work and dedication allows me to see real news, furthermore thank you for your hard earned work and information. Keep going, we the people enjoy you and your honest thoughts.
    Sincerely, Alex


  3. dummy says:

    learn the parable of the fig-tree


  4. iiiii says:

    Is still not out, the highest active volcano in Europe, with a height of 3,323 meters, measuring 150 meters on the surrounding peaks are snow-covered year nine months.


  5. Beamer Khan says:

    comment deemed defamatory, inappropriate, or spam.


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