Venomous spider outbreak shuts British school

October 23, 2013BRITAINAn English school has been forced to close after an outbreak of “false widow” spiders, the latest in a series of sightings of Britain’s most poisonous arachnid. Dean Academy in the western Forest of Dean region would shut its doors on Wednesday while experts dealt with the eight-legged invaders, vice principal Craig Burns said in a statement. The spiders, which resemble the potentially deadly black widow, have colonized parts of southern England for more than a century although they are thought to have spread in the last 25 years, according to Britain’s Natural History Museum. Their bite can cause swelling or fever. So far, no one at the school has been bitten, said Burns. There have been numerous newspaper reports of false widow sightings and attacks around Britain in recent weeks. –Reuters
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3 Responses to Venomous spider outbreak shuts British school

  1. wow, eerilt similar and right in time for halloween,eewwweee!!!


  2. Irene C says:

    This just gave me a shiver down my back.


  3. Doccus says:

    Excuse me.. Britain’s “most poisonous” arachnid? Wow. It’s enopugh to make me want to move there. I have a 1/4 inch deep, 7×5 inch wide hole in my left arm caused by a brown recluse, and we have so many poison spiders here it’s a nightmare. At the summit of the mountain I live at the foot of, just below the lookout, is purportedly the most concentrated nest of real Black Widow spiders in the world. And these things cause way more than fever. Most spiders here cause cellular necrosis, internal bleeding , and worse. Vile things. Plus we have nasty mosquitos, 3 inch long moths, big wasps, lyme disease ticks everywhere. Lucky Brits indeed.. “Swelling and Fever” ? . I’ll take that over a rotted out arm anyday…


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