Moose die-off is massive, and a mystery to scientists

October 17, 2013 MONTANAAll across the U.S., moose are dying – and scientists yet don’t know how to save them. Moose populations across swaths of the U.S. – from the West Coast to the East Coast, from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River – are declining at an unprecedented rate, imperiling fragile ecosystems and putting the moose tourism industry on edge, the New York Times reported. But though scientists have a long list of culprits – disease; climate change; over-hunting – it’s not clear just what is causing moose to die in droves. And that means that scientists are at the moment unsure how to save America’s moose. Once, moose made headlines for doing a bit too well in the U.S. As the largest members of the deer family, Cervidae, blooming moose populations meant more accidents on rural, mountain roads, and more reports of moose attacks against humans. But the news has changed. In New Hampshire, the moose population has dropped from some 7,000 moose to around just 4,600 animals.
In Montana, numbers have fallen about 40 percent since 1995, and in Wyoming there are just 919 animals left – a quarter of the state’s target moose population. In Minnesota, the population in its northeast has been halved since about 2010, and moose have disappeared almost entirely from its northwest. Only Maine has seen an increase in its moose population, with some 75,000 animals living within its borders. Scientists suggest that climate change is a probable factor, but pinpointing just how climate change affects the moose has been difficult. In New Hampshire, scientists have proposed that longer falls and shorter winters has allowed the winter tick population to bloom, the Washington Post reported. Up to 150,000 ticks can beset a moose at one time, bleeding it out until the moose is little more than ribs, antlers, and some loose skin. In Minnesota, where the average midwinter temperature has risen some 11 degrees over the last 40 years, climate change is also a fingered culprit, the Minnesota Public Radio reported in 2008. –CSM
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10 Responses to Moose die-off is massive, and a mystery to scientists

  1. Pusum Solomon says:

    In the province of New Brunswick, the Department of Natural Resources issued a bulletin regarding moose vaccinations. The bulletin does NOT give reason for vaccination; what is does say is: Hunters beware of the Orange tag Moose / Deer / Bear … The orange tag is indicator that the prey is been injected which can contaminate meat for human consumption.

    Funny, I didn’t deliberately ship over the “name” of injection given. The bulletin says gave shot and don’t eat if see orange tag.

    So why are moose dying? Call Canada, DNR, New Brunswick – inquire about orange tag. You do it. I have to live here, so avoiding the approach, especially since for the first time, we have not been able to have a moose in freezer for this winter season. It is just different. And by coincidence the new oil pipeline coming through province. And yes, there are many accidents due to moose / deer / bear. However lets not forget, we are in their territory; with exception of my ancestors (native american), the four legged are being encroached upon. Climate change? Or has man found way to void what some may see as problem that is costly? Now, as right here am healing from two deer that flew into my car – as the local land owners decided to removed hectres / acres for wood harvest. This set deer into frenzy over winter, since all is calm, but numbers are decreasing.

    When or if you call DNR – Please let them know that all God created has value. More value than the dirty oil they are cleaning; digging into New Brunswick from Alberta to be refined. Let them know that we (humans) are problem. Why inject wild life? What was shot? Ticks? Climate change, certainly, however let me tell you something my elders shared (these elders know by experience). The Elders say that the animals will travel to new environment / so climate change / watch the birds / four legged / fish / all disappearing? Now, what about nuke reactor that is leaking into oceans? What about the oil that spread into ocean. on and on. So if mother nature wins by renewing Mother Earth with extremes, who started the Extreme? Man or Nature? HUMANS.


  2. KJM says:

    They should start looking at the ticks…. They are not only killing the moose but people too with Lyme disease… They need to start looking at this… I bet they will find it is what is killing them off.


  3. tonic says:

    We seem to be living in a world now where everything horrid happening around us gets chucked into the pot of climate change. Incredibly beautiful animals like tigers, lions, wolves, ( and so many many others) and now moose, are all just about hanging in there.
    Maybe in 10 or 20 years these animals will still be here, but only under our control, in zoos or cages of some kind,.. somewhere.
    And if this is their future then hopefully, the next generation will understand how important they are, and maybe do what we are not.
    Imagine a world where bears and wolves are a threat. And then imagine a world where they no longer exist.


  4. niebo says:

    Will there be moose in Heaven? 😦


  5. George says:

    Could it be from their environment, because the EPA’s radiation database shows a radiation called CESIUM-137 in the rain all over the U.S. and another radiation called TRITIUM in the drinking water all over the U.S.

    This radiation got there from past atomic testing, nuclear meltdowns like Chernobyl and Fukushima, and nuclear power plants (which emit radiation into the environment during their DAILY operations.)

    This radiation causes serious health effects to humans and animals are not immune to it.

    If this is news to you, spend some time on the highly recommended site called ENENEWS.


  6. BGP says:

    HC has it right I think/ I have a friend who lives in central Montana who says some days the skies look woven with chem trails. He also reports a decline in the big game population in his area along the lower Musselshell valley. These people who are investigating the problem, don’t even mention chem trails. Are they that ignorant? If so then why are they responsible for finding the problem? Kill the game makes it more difficult for “wilderness folk” to survive where they are. What’s happening is called SOFT KILL.
    My realistic, justifiable paranoid, awake to the evils going on, fearful opinion.. BGP


  7. Lee Oates says:

    Every day there is more evidence that our environment is under siege. When will the Naked Ape realize that he is on the list of animals facing extinction, and when the environment finally collapses from our abuse, our species will soon follow.


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