3 Responses to White House rejects latest House proposal to end deadlock, as default deadline nears

  1. davidramseur says:

    There is no way the U.S. government should default on its debt if it does not raise the debt limit. This is because the U.S. government takes in more than ten times the amount needed to pay it’s debt obligations in taxes each month. The amount needed to pay the interest on the debt is S18 to $20 billion while the U.S. government takes in $200 to $225 billion dollars each month! Section 4 of the 14th amendment states that it is the duty/obligation of the U.S. government to pay it’s debt first in situations like this. The only way that we would default is if Obama dilliberately chooses not to follow the Constitution and pay off the interest on the debt with tax revenue. He is lawless though in every way, he tramples the constitution on a daily basis. I would not put it past him. It would just be another of the multiple impeachable offenses that he has committed. How in the hell are the republicans being blamed for this!


  2. Art says:

    When President Bush assumed office, there was a budget surplus left by President Clinton. During George W. Bush’s two terms the deficit developed, mostly due to the needless Involvement in Iraq. Uh………wasn’t Bush a Republican?


    • Debbie says:

      Thanks Art (intelligence speaking) don’t see alot of comments here that show this type of intelligence. I personally appreciate it.


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