7 Responses to This is what could happen in a crisis: Walmart shelves stripped bare in hours

  1. maria says:

    `It hath been written, Not upon bread alone doth man live, but upon every word coming forth from the mouth of God.`(Mat.4:4)


  2. Carson31 says:

    This is absolutely revolting.


  3. James - Sydney says:

    Revolting is probably not the word that I would use to describe this incident.

    It is, I believe a clear cut indication as to what to expect should there be any form of large scale emergency.

    The supply chain (groceries / food etc) running on Multimodal or even on Complex Logistics networks runs on the “Just In Time” theory, allowing enough supplies for 2-3 days of stocking shelves at most.

    Thus, when there is a disaster / emergency, people do what they have done shown in the article above (granted, the particular instance above was due to people on food stamps having the ability to purchase more), you would find that the general population would do exactly the same thing, with the knowledge that in 1-2 days, everything would be gone.

    One only has to look at all the major humanitarian crisis’ over the last 15 years, from Katrina, the 2004 earthquakes, civil wars etc to know that once TSHTF supermarkets, chemists, ammunition supplies and general items needed for day to day living will disappear.

    I read a blog written by a Kosovo refugee (A family man with 2 kids) who, at the time of the war said that besides the fact he shot his two neighbors for attempting to steal his medical supplies and food, he would often trade a roll of toilet paper for food and medical supplies.

    The world has gone beyond the point of no-return….all we can do now is wait for the avalanche to stop, even as we are in the most infantile stages of the collapse of the world as we know it.


  4. Steven J. says:

    No, it’s typical behavior to be expected of a fairly large segment of humanity. Now, just imagine what supposedly “civilized” people would do if there were to be a large scale disaster… The term “revolting” doesn’t even come close – more like “barbaric”…


    • katnea says:

      I agree with you 100% Steven! Yup, when it comes to disaster events and how the majority of humans will react to it… people will end up behaving barbaric towards each other! This whole Louisiana scenario has offered me another reminder of how humans behave when faced with only a ‘small’ electronic system failure. In fact this scenario is nothing as compared to having a major HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) event hit us! HEMP events can easily take place anywhere and at any time via our Sun. But, what many folks are not aware of, is the fact that our military has known how to “create” a major HEMP attack since the early 1960’s as well! And I’m also pretty sure that the other major military powers within the world today also have this type of attack technology as well.

      So yeah, after reading about what recently transpired in Louisiana …. I was once again reminded of how important it is to follow the old adage of “Hope for the best and PREPARE for the worst.” Just knowing that mankind can detonate a major HEMP attack in space over the United States, and collapse our whole electrical power grids has prompted me into taking the necessary steps to survive such an attack as this.
      Our infrastructures such as communications, transportation, financial services, emergency services, energy distribution, food and water supply will cease to exist in a heartbeat. So all I can say is that anyone who ends up surviving this type of nightmare, had best understand how to instantly live like the Pioneers once did. = /


  5. Irene C says:

    The incident here is one of pure greed. I am not against the use of EBT cards. There are many people who are need the help. (I may end up being one of those soon). However, to abuse the system is horrific. That being said, the fault also lies with these stores. They should have either stopped the shopping or limited it to bare necessities. The money they lose will be their own fault.

    On another note, I read where North Carolina will be withholding welfare payments due to the government shut down, since the money for these programs comes from the federal government. [ http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/16/us-usa-fiscal-northcarolina-idUSBRE99F00Y20131016 ] Now imagine what will happen when the government runs out of money and no one gets their benefits, either welfare, disability, or social security. Look for massive riots and social unrest. Yep, better stock up on food now, but make sure no one knows about it. The government may just come and take it away from you.

    Just saying…


  6. Dennis E. says:

    There is a report on the internet regarding the EBT program for November 2013.
    If the current budget crisis is adverted, goverment funds still will not be available for the EBT (food stamp) program come November 1st 2013.
    I don’t know how factual that is, but its being reported.
    I think that if you want a turkey on your table for Thanksgiving and Christmas, this month may be the peak time to do it.

    Don’t it seem that someone wants a civil disturbance of some sort?


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