11 Responses to Debt clock ticking, but default damage already unfolding

  1. Kimber says:

    Isn’t it time to “let the chips fall”..are we not held accountable for spending anymore? Also, wall street is “fat cat market”. As long as the profiteers make and spend their money..all is ok, really? What about the 2 class system rich and poor (3rd world country), it has been tough but we need to let the chips fall. Go back to tightening the belt, developing a craft and consuming “home made and home grown” resouces. Stop the outsourcing, respect and show gratitude for our products. Why fuel more debt, fuel more power to control the “peasants” it is not a democracy anymore. Let them close down the IRS branch that took the billions (that disappeared) in the “slush fund” for the so called “obamacare”. The powers have really blackened our eye. We represent “greed” , “money”..and where in life does it bring JOY? Only the Lord brings joy and happiness. Our hope is on HIM…and I hope he restores /returns soon.


  2. Stuart Charlton says:

    Well said. The year of jubilee must come. Not just an American problem but a world one


  3. hilly7 says:

    I wonder if they might consider a spending cut that is very costly… war.


  4. landoflost says:

    i think the govt won t let this happening , in one way or other we have govt support in other hand to do some changes in daily expenses


  5. derrgo says:

    I’m very unhappy that the rich are going to make life for most in the U.S Impossible.
    What do they think is going to happen?

    I think when people cant pay for the home they live in or food its going to get very ugly.
    I send my best wishes to the people who wont have money for food or a home because of greedy scum I hope they can work together and work it out but I don’t think the government will let that happen.


  6. Dennis E. says:

    I cannot help to believe that part of this is a manufactured crisis.
    It has been a very nasty one.
    I recall the EBT issues over the weekend.
    It could get nasty.
    On this site over the years, we all have blogged regarding the death of The American Empire. It looks like it is really happening.
    It could get real nasty if we do default and do consider the availability of weapons now on the streets.
    Some writers have said we would fall into a civil war, I hope not.
    But I think if the “present” President would lead and not just be present, this crisis would resolve itself.
    Just my opinion……….
    I am now wondering if we will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving and or Christmas……


  7. THOMAS says:

    Our Gov. Of the United States will let this happen!! This is what they want,a start of the New World Government,if they go ahead an let Obomacare go into effect,this will also cause many problems for the people of America.If we can not pay for health ins.,being pushed on us by our gov.,how can we pay for the tax FINES for not having insurance,when we can not,even pay our home mortgage payments because we do not have a job!! EVERTIME OUR GOVERNMENT SCREWS UP,THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA HAVE TO PAY MORE!! I still do not understand why people from other country’s,want to keep,coming to America,for the first time in my life……I’m not Proud to be from America….if it was possible,I would move off the Grid!! But I have a family,to take care off,so I will continue to do the best I can do,till it’s time for the Good father to take me home!!


  8. tonic says:

    Where does all this end?
    16 trillion gets extended to 20 trillion? How many billions are in a trillion?
    Reducing the debt by just 1 trillion sounds like one hell of a task.


    • niebo says:

      Hey, Tonic:
      1,000 billion = 1 trillion
      1 billion = 1,000 miliion, so
      1 trillion = 1,000,000 million

      It doesn’t end; it is not designed to. The Federal Reserve is an infinite “debt” generator:


  9. Dave in France says:

    I think it is about time the world economy was based on something more credible than the US dollar which has been printed by the truckload with nothing of real value backing it up.


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