79: Jebel Zubair volcano erupts in the Red Sea

October 13, 2013SAUDI ARABIA As of today, the submarine eruption continues with the production of a steam plume of variable size, not always easily identifiable on satellite images. A SO2 plume is also visible on satellite data drifting from the eruption site. No ash can be seen on satellite imagery, only steam, and the area of discolored water (indicator of suspended particles) is small if not has disappeared. That suggests that the eruption is currently rather weak and probably has not yet entered the so-called surtseyan phase where solid fragments (ash, lava blocks) are ejected above the surface of the sea. –Volcano Discovery
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10 Responses to 79: Jebel Zubair volcano erupts in the Red Sea

  1. Irene C says:

    Fascinating. I do believe that we have now surpassed last year’s total volcanic eruptions.


  2. lavapix says:

    Never knew there were volcanoes in that area.


  3. jade says:

    Thats us kapoot then…prophicy says that as soon as the red sea boils thats it!!! Yikes!!!


  4. wayne pearson says:

    Hi Alvin, how are you brother? How many volcanoes is that now that have erupted so far this year? Please reply A.S.A.P. Thanking you and God bless.


  5. Dave's wife says:

    This must be on or near the big faultline that runs through the mount of olives. I have heard that a huge amount of tension must be building up there since a quake is about 40 years overdue. Can anyone confirm that please?


  6. Dongoliveros says:

    7.2 earthquake in bohol philippines


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