20 Responses to Financial analyst warns U.S. debt default would trigger a Great Depression

  1. What some have seen now for quite a while is now unfolding before our eyes at a faster pace than was thought.
    We are going to be in for the biggest ride of our lives. So hold on tight. And to all out there as our new world is being born it will not be without pain. Try not to get caught up in Fear as the old ways will have to make way for new. This isn’t going to be easy and we need to remember to live from our Hearts.
    Thank you for this. And all info you put out
    Sue x


  2. Dennis E. says:

    The President recently spoke that the old order is dead. We could be on the verge of great turmoil in lives that could be acted out on the streets during this change. Remember, in 1991 after The First Gulf War, President Bush announced The Birth of The New World Order or should I say the rebirth. The same order Nimrod attempted to built to include hundreds after him and let us not forget Hitler’s quest for a thousand year Reich.
    We get the same headlines each year about this time regarding fears of a financial system collapse, ie: The Stock Market and why always October? Most people seem to have more faith in the market than they do God. So, if and when the market does collapse and money is no longer accessible because its gone, prepare to see self destruction manifest itself as never before.
    Consider this; Millions of elderly people have their entire retirement portfolio invested in the market and then when it is all gone, as dust in the wind, they will lose all they have accumulated and now they are too old to attempt to rebuild their lives. Mass homelessness, mass hunger, mass violence.

    Imagine a market crash during this shut down. I think that all of us who come here and blog
    need to realize that the party is over. Consider this, lets say we are in the transition period from the old order (democracy/republic) to the new one (Communism/Socialism) me must take into consideration the growing pains of such a plan. For example, Look at the unfolding of Obamacare
    or Affordable Care since 10.01.13.

    In my opinion, I think we all need to look at what will lessen the impact on our family/individual lives when it happens. It is coming. You could sort of look at this article almost as a prophetic word.

    Just my opinion…………


    • bobby90247 says:

      NO, Dennis! What “WE” must do is, “IMPEACH, OBAMA, FOR INCOMPETENCE…NOW!!!” before everything gets any more worse!

      THAT is what we MUST DO!

      BUT, is anyone doing it?



  3. john j says:



  4. Joseph t Repas says:

    If the U.S. government cut the budget last year would there be nearly the panic about to break out? the health care plan is going to make the budget crash anyway…If S.S. payments can not be paid out then all of those people will not be buying products or services which will cause huge layoffs in jobs. Also, many people on S.S. use it for illegal drug use, expect the crime rate to blow sky high again.


  5. marybell says:

    Global disaster is on the horizon, I do believe. The signs are “out there”. It is now a “Tom and Jerry” world. Devine Intervention is what is needed. In the meantime, read the Prophets’ warnings. They are more up to date than the Associated Press News. Gonna be interesting, isn’t it?


  6. barnumbeverly@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks for signing me up.




  7. Kimber says:

    Really..is this a scare tactic to give congress a “blank check” again? SS??? where is all the money the peoples of the US put into SS? Did that disapear with the IRS “slush fund”.


    • Bone Idle says:

      The money is gone Kimber – loaned to various incarnations of U.S. governments.
      To pay social security benfits the Federal government must use available funds raised by taxation – general revenue. (or borrowed from the Fed or overseas financiers – China)


      • Hopeful1 says:

        Bone Idle, you are both wrong and right. Wrong in that general taxation is used to pay for Social Security–there is a specific FICA tax for that, but you are right that the funds from FICA have been misused and stolen from the Social Security “Trust Fund” (i.e., there is no trust and there is no fund!). Regards.


  8. Patty says:

    I believe that the social security debt is illegal. The people or groups that loaned out U.S. Citizen’s personal retirement money should be held accountable for that. Maybe some of the lawmakers who approved any loan-outs from this department have their paws in some big pocket corporate holdings and we should look there. It is against the law to use social security money for anything other than the people who put in to it. If SS payments are not made, then perhaps some senior trading for BLM land should happen. I’m happy to help the seniors with their needs, then, in trade for their SS land, I would later trade for my personal senior care in the future by nice young ones making a financial comeback and spending their time sending the illegal government workers to the labor pits….ah well, the dream is on!


  9. DB says:

    I read from many financial analysts that it is NOT necessary that the US default because they can PRINT all the money they want (and the consequences of that, though admittedly myriad and serious, are a separate topic). For that reason, many see the “default issue” as either a threat, a scam, a ploy or a staged event.


  10. niebo says:

    Hey, Alvin: I have not heard this argument presented this way, and I feel compelled to speak. I pray peace to you and yours, to all of us here, and ours.

    If this generation is not to pass away, then, please, bear in mind that the hoopla surrounding The parks closure emphasizes that they are passing away; the shutdown hindered the Honor Flight Network, which flies aging and dying vets to the WWII Memorial in Washington, to honor them for their service. Many are in their nineties, and some statistics claim that they are dying at a rate of 600 per day. http://www.honorflight.org/

    This generation re-established Israel.

    So, if the signs in the heaven and the earth are indicators, if it is our burden to see the word of God fulfilled, and if that time is now, then, please, take comfort and KNOW that by the blood of Christ we are washed clean and stand redeemed before the LORD. Our mother, Eve, in her state of innocence, knew only God and truth; she knew no sin, no regrets, no mistakes, no want, no lack, no doubt, no fear . . . because she lived in peace with God. “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” The serpent approached her in order to present her with a “choice” that she did not know was available until (with malice) he offered it. With a forked tongue, with manipulation and coersion, he took advantage of her state (of holiness) and lied: “Thou shalt not surely die…” and (you can do it!) “…you will be like Him, knowing good and evil.”

    By his assurance that she would not surely die, we know that she did not choose death. Nor did she choose separation but communion, “you will be like Him”, to be like God. It was not her intent, then, (and she did not choose) to sin­; by his lies, by his treachery, he gave it to her anyway. By this violation of her innocence, he killed her; her death begets ours. Thus, we die. So, his act of free-will robs us of ours, for death is the end of free will. Given a choice, if the terms are clear and the words are honest, we would not choose it, would choose otherwise. We would choose life. Yet he gave us death.

    Because God loves us, He sent His son to intercede, to be our saviour, and His purpose is achieved.The blood of the Lamb atones for us, redeems us from the bondage, the sin that cursed us to die, the state of sin that none of us chose. To save us from death, He gives himself over to it. His choice, His act of will, His intervention as a sacrifice, saves us from an act of murder. Thus we are redeemed, set free to live, to live free from death. His resurrection is this promise to us, the promise that death has no dominion. This is the natural state of our creation, so we are restored to a state of peace with God. Because God loves us, and the love of God is stronger than sin. Hence nothing in all creation shall separate us from it. Our burden now is but to accept this truth. To choose life. To choose love.

    Before, when He gave His life, Christ was our Lamb, because He loves us. Now He returns as a lion, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and He brings war. But He is not at war with us; He is our Lion, our Protector. What He conquered before, he returns to destroy. Come what may, He returns because He loves us. Because He loves us.
    Blessed are those who, henceforth, die in the LORD.

    Come, Lord Jesus! Come!


  11. nikhil says:



  12. Harish says:

    So,the American hegemony is over.
    The near future is full of troubles but none are fatal. The US will lose its emission rights as a source of income. The US dollar will cease to serve as the world reserve currency though it will remain the North American currency. Other parts of the world will resort to their euro, yuan, rouble, bolivar, or dinar. The US military expenditure will have to be slashed to normal, and this elimination of overseas bases and weaponry will allow the US population to make the transition rather painlessly. Nobody wants to go after America; the world just got tired of them riding shotgun all over the place.
    The US will have to find new employment for so many bankers, jailers, soldiers, even politicians.

    Americans may listen to Senator Ron Paul who called to give up overseas bases and cut military expenditure.
    Norms of international law and sovereignty of all states should be observed.


    • som says:


      BRICS is the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The grouping was originally known as “BRIC” before the inclusion of South Africa in 2010.

      The BRICS members are all developing or newly industrialized countries, but they are distinguished by their large, fast-growing economies and significant influence on regional and global affairs; all five are G-20 members. As of 2013, the five BRICS countries represent almost 3 billion people, with a combined nominal GDP of US$14.8 trillion,[1] and an estimated US$4 trillion in combined foreign reserves.

      Presently, South Africa holds the chair of the BRICS group. The BRICS have received both praise and criticism from numerous quarters.


    • ravi says:

      Given much less publicity but even more stern a dismissal of American arrogance was Brazilian president Rouseff’s justifiable trashing of the US policy of disrespect towards her people and government in the NSA eavesdropping case. And while refusing to meet with diplomatic protocol by canceling a visit with the fading leader of a fading empire, she also articulated global desires for better life not just her nations but also the world’s poor. Her words were dismissed by media lapdogs here as a “tirade” against America, but rest assured that the global community to which she really spoke was more than receptive and even jubilant at a national leader getting into America’s face and expressing open disgust with its policies and attitudes.
      Perhaps most in line with a newer and more general stance of open defiance, the Venezuelan president boldly tossed them out of his country, publicly shouting, “Yankee go home” in English as he slammed the door. The tumultuous applause from a global majority may not have been heard in America but likely resonated in the ears of a few billion other inhabitants of the planet.
      This is the situation of fading leaders of a fading empire


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