Mysterious earthquake swarm damages many villages in Galati, Eastern Romania: strange sounds like ‘boiling water’

October 5, 2013ROMANIAThe Galati area experienced dozens of earthquakes up to a magnitude of 3.8 (last one just before writing this article). The quakes have an extremely shallow depth, have a relatively high shaking intensity and are causing a lot of damage in the villages near the epicenter areas (the epicenters have to be situated in an area of many kms and not in one location). Some people are not waiting for more earthquakes and left their houses due do the damage, fearing a collapse if further quakes would strike. Galati is a region with relatively low seismic activity and earthquake swarms like the current events are only known from the newspapers in other regions/countries (ER could trace some unconfirmed reports that a number of earthquakes occurred in March 1894). Residents and seismologists are very surprised and are trying to understand what is happening. Oil extraction and flooding where initially mentioned as  possible triggers but these reasons cannot explain why some other phenomenon like  a constant sound like “boiling water” (coming from the ground) and a strange water smell (like sulfur) is being noticed. Another reason the people are scared of are the big cracks appearing in the ground. There is no question that the seismic activity is caused by flood or oil exploitation,” said Mihnea Costoiu, Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technological Development. Scientists  are saying that there was surely no big historic earthquake in the Galati area. Although scientists are absolutely not sure about what will happening in the near future, they are trying to prevent panic in the affected villages. The affected population are upset about the lack of information from the authorities and the scientists (we at ER know that people are expecting answers from science which cannot be fulfilled at this level of scientific knowledge). As a reaction people tend to believe stupid rumors coming from so called people with special capacities while others have been praying to the Gods to end the swarm. Romanian TV stations are reporting on the phenomena with a number of LIVE reports. –Earthquake Report
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22 Responses to Mysterious earthquake swarm damages many villages in Galati, Eastern Romania: strange sounds like ‘boiling water’

  1. davidh7426 says:

    This is moderately worrying. If Oil drilling is to blame then it sounds like they drilled into something they’d have been better off avoiding.

    And, if they where fracking, then it opens up the possibility that the chemicals used may have interacted with whatever was down there.

    Even more chilling is the possibility that if a large earthquake is triggered, then it may have a knock-on effect on the North-Anatolian fault line, that runs near / under Istanbul, a fault line within which stress has been building up.


    • Chris says:

      During 2009 I wrote a article which was published in the New York Times on the drilling for oil and thus removing the insulation layer which protects earths crust from the heat of the core of the earth.

      The same principle will apply when removing the oil from your internal combustion engine thus allowing heat to build inside the core of the engine and the water in the radiator in turn will causing [Quote] Oil extraction and flooding where initially mentioned as possible triggers but these reasons cannot explain why some other phenomenon like a constant sound like “BOILING WATER” (coming from the ground) [Unquote/]

      The extraction of oil from the depth of the earth started as early as the year 1200 when the Chinese used hollow bamboo poles for the extraction of such.

      We should not confuse global warming with “earth warming” as the two are miles apart, and you will notice that the glaciers tend to melt from the bottom up, instead of by means of sunlight as commonly believed.

      It is interesting to note that in the areas throughout the world (land and sea) where oil production takes place, that these areas are more prone to earth quakes than those where no production takes place. I firmly believe that removing the oil from the cavities from the earth for centuries has some influence in some regions of the world as to being more prone to earthquakes than the other.

      In Southern Africa where we do not have oil production from land, I know of only one earthquake ever mentioned in our newspapers, which was about 50yrs ago, but then again continents differ structually from one another!

      Just my 10 cents worth.


      • JoanE says:

        That earthquake was a result of the filling of Kariba Dam in then-Rhodesia, now present-day Zimbabwe. The weight of the water triggered the quake/.


  2. deniseandros says:

    Perhaps the abyss is beginning to open in order to release more demons onto the earth.


  3. Rumplestiltskin says:

    “Smell of Sulfur”. LMAO, that is the devil making himself known, and you’re just getting a whiff. Wait until he steps upon mankind in full force. Sulfur isn’t the only thing you’ll smell that makes your nose twitch. How about the smell of burnt and rotting flesh.


    • lindee-lou says:

      i sense you are right rumplesstiltsking (great name 😉


    • Christian says:

      You guys obviously dont know much about Romania and the religious history of this sacred land….We had many ugly things like all nations..but we have some things that are unique and will remain that way until the end times…We are a gate of Christianity that was always attacked but never conquered and shall remain this way with the help of our Lord


  4. One says:

    It is caused by the cyst gases extraction that started recently, that’s the best bet, but it’s not romanians that extract them, it’s the foreign companies that don’t give a shit about the country and the land. Our sold and controlled US government allows them to do whatever they want including extracting our gold from “Rosia Montana” which destroys and poisons our land further more.


  5. Gale Mason says:

    This is very strange. This sounds to me like a volcano getting ready to erupt.


  6. Sofia says:

    Can this be a hidden dormant vulcano below the surface? The sound of flowing lava ‘looking’ for a way out?


  7. Frank says:

    sound of boiling water? sulfur? uhm pretty much sounds like some “hot” is going on…


  8. ProblemSolved says:

    Maybe God needs to be given more credit. This article is published and within hours a 5.3 magnitude earthquake is recorded near Nereju. If you look at seismic activity in the region the quake activity is over too broad an area and time to be man made IMHO. Many tremors in this area occur to depths of 150km. Prayer is always a good option no matter the cause and the residents of this area remain in mine.


  9. notnohellno says:

    Sounds like a volcano to me.


  10. în adâncurile pământului .. și în adâncurile omului este o mulțime de rahat …. biblia centura romania da …. nebun rahat ….


  11. Cutmetal says:

    If you want to see the extent of the earthquakes going on in this area click the link here…..

    Much to wide spread to be man made, or influenced. Smell of Sulfur, Boiling Water Sound, Ground Cracking, Shallow Quakes, Large Movement from shallow quakes…. and over such a wide area… Looks to me to be a unknown or new super volcano about to erupt.


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