Tropical Storm Karen forms between Cuba, Mexico

October 3, 2013FLORIDA A hurricane watch is in effect for parts of the U.S. Gulf Coast after Tropical Storm Karen formed in the southeastern portion of the Gulf of Mexico, the National Hurricane Center said Thursday. A hurricane watch covers the area from Grand Isle, Louisiana, east to Indian Pass, Florida, where the center of the storm is expected to arrive Saturday, according to forecasters. “Karen is expected to be at or near hurricane strength on Friday,” according a center advisory. The storm prompted the Federal Emergency Management Agency to recall some its workers, furloughed during the government shutdown, and reactivated its Hurricane Liaison Team at the National Hurricane Center in Miami. FEMA officials in the Atlanta and Denton, Texas, offices are monitoring Karen. “At all times, FEMA maintains commodities, including millions of liters of water, millions of meals and hundreds of thousands of blankets, strategically located at distribution centers throughout the United States, including in the Gulf Coast region, that are available to state and local partners if needed and requested,” the agency said in a statement. A tropical storm watch is in effect from west of Grand Isle to Morgan City, Louisiana, an area that includes metropolitan New Orleans, Lake Maurepas and Lake Ponchartrain. New Orleans officials released a statement asking residents to “monitor weather conditions and stay alert.” Karen formed between Cuba and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It’s producing winds of 65 mph, with higher gusts. The storm is moving north-northwest up the Mexican coast at 12 mph, the hurricane center said. “Karen is expected to produce heavy rainfall over portions of western Cuba and the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula during the next day or so,” according to the center’s advisory. The storm has a high chance – “near 100 percent” — of becoming a hurricane or cyclone in the next two days, it said. –CNN
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4 Responses to Tropical Storm Karen forms between Cuba, Mexico

  1. novusanima says:

    Reblogged this on Last Days Resource For The World: Midnight Comes and commented:
    This could turn into a Very dangerous event. FEMA is definitely preparing, for one, for two, there could be a lot of damage, and for three this is the same Gulf where that massive oil spill happened a few years ago. I’m sure there’s bound to be a lot of oil dispersed over even a wider distance than has previously happened.
    Pray for God to intervene, to lessen the severity of this storm, and pray also that people have their eyes opened to what exactly is going on with so much destruction of varying types, etc. These are warnings of what IS most certainly to come, and it is time, past time, for those that would to call out to The Lord so that they might be saved. Salvation is such a simple thing, so stated in Romans 10:9, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thy heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” So simple, so amazingly simple, and yet it is the truth.
    I will very shortly be expanding and doing a page on salvation and how to be saved, but for right now, if you do not know God and if you do what is said in the above scripture, you shall be saved.
    Amen, Blessings, and Peace In Christ,


  2. Dorothy says:

    Pray that it fizzles. My youngest daughter will be performing her duties as a paid firefighter at the southern most fire station in Plaquemines County. My two grandchildren will be home with Daddy north closer to New Orleans. I wish no one to have to suffer the results of a hurricane.


  3. richfish30 says:

    Why are Hurricanes starting to form so far toward the end of the hurricane season?


  4. And tornadoes and winter storms to the north. In October of all times. Late for the tornadoes and early for the snow and they are both happening.


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