Fukushima could be 15,000 times worse than Hiroshima with removal of fuel rods

October 1, 2013JAPAN A Yale Professor is compelling the world to wake up from its nuclear slumber and face some cold-hard facts, “All of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years” if the Fukushima Unit 4 pool can’t be kept cool. Your worries about eating cesium-contaminated fish from the Pacific Ocean are grounded in fact, but this is a world-wide disaster of the most epic proportions just waiting to happen. If nothing else, it points to the necessity of nuclear-free power to fuel the planet, but in the meantime, more than 1,535 fuel rods must be meticulously removed from Unit 4, which in all likelihood is crumbling. Charles Perrow, Professor Emeritus of Sociology from Yale University cautions: “Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years.” In early stages of the Fukushima disaster Tepco, under influence of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), tried to keep the full ramifications of Fukushima under wraps, and now the entire country faces a possible trillion dollar price tag and multiple decades of active clean up to make this go away, but that will all be a moot point if the fuel rods aren’t removed properly. All the boron between spent fuel rods has disintegrated.
This means a nuclear chain reaction could ensue if the rods get too close together in the pools, causing nuclear mayhem like we’ve never endured. In less than two months, Tepco plans to try to remove these rods, admitting that they haven’t the expertise or resources to do it perfectly – and that is what it would take – absolute perfection. According to globalreasearch.ca, “Some 400 tons of fuel in that pool could spew out more than 15,000 times as much radiation as was released at Hiroshima. More than 6,000 fuel assemblies now sit in a common pool just 50 meters from Unit Four. Some contain plutonium. The pool has no containment over it. It’s vulnerable to loss of coolant, the collapse of a nearby building, another earthquake, another tsunami and more.” Overall, more than 11,000 fuel assemblies are scattered around the Fukushima site. According to long-time expert and former Department of Energy official Robert Alvarez, there is more than 85 times as much lethal cesium on site as was released at Chernobyl.” This is no time for Tepco or the Japanese government to try to save face, or the world to turn the other cheek. If we don’t treat this as a global disaster it would be like waiting for the Russians to start nuclear war back in the 1980s – or worse. Harvey Wasserman has created a petition at NukeFree.org to alert our own president and other politicians about the extreme seriousness of this incident. All while they were planning to go to war with Syria, the nuclear disaster right under our noses was escalating to unfathomable proportions. Not to sound doom and gloom, but it’s important to recognize the ramifications if this issue isn’t taken care of – properly. –Prison Planet
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36 Responses to Fukushima could be 15,000 times worse than Hiroshima with removal of fuel rods

  1. I can’t’ see what good it would do petition the American Government. They can’t even prevent shutdown of their own government never mind deal with a nuclear power plant crisis. They are useless at dealing with real world crises. The only thing they are good at is starting wars, over spending and spying on the world. They would do much better to ask private companies and research institutes for help or as a last resort go public and ask for ideas from the general public on how to deal with this. You ask for help from selfish, greedy, know nothing millionaire politicians and you will be waiting till doomsday for help.


    • Nancy says:

      VERY WELL SAID! I totally agree with you! Can you run for president? I will vote for you! PLEEEEASE? Someone with honesty and a brain would be so refreshing in our government!


  2. niebo says:

    “Wasserman has created a petition at NukeFree.org to alert our own president and other politicians. . . .”

    But . . . they already know, right? They have access to intelligence information and satellite imagery that not one member of the alternative press is able to examine, so . . . they KNOW. That not ONE among them has sounded any alarms suggests that 1) they have stuck their heads into the sand because the information overwhelms them, or 2) they do not care. The first is not likely; this current administration mines “crises” for political gain, but there is no political gain here for them even to be honest about the situation. So, why do they not care? What political gain might there be in allowing radiation to blanket the northern hemisphere in order to poison sources of water, to poison farmland and crops (and cause famine), to allow cancer to kill untold numbers of people? To “members” of “democratic societies”, it sounds like a stoopid question (because democracies need people to cast votes, right?), but there must be some reason for the inaction and the deafening silence.


  3. George says:

    Fukushima, from the beginning, is the worst nuclear reactor disaster on this planet thus far. TEPCO is an operating company I don’t think they have the skills to handle a situation like this; I’m not sure anyone on this planet has such skills. The true radiation levels have been concealed from the public by TEPCO and others, but the health issues of the local population are an indication of the seriousness. Here’s a selection of today’s headlines from enenews.com…………..
    WSJ: Huge spike in dogs biting humans after 3/11 in Fukushima town; Some attacked without aggression, 70% to upper body — Study: May be associated with nuclear disaster — Gundersen: Research on defects in animals hidden from public (VIDEO)
    Thousands in Japan reported to be suffering massive and recurring nosebleeds in recent days — Gundersen: Japan doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret (VIDEO)
    ‘Radioactive Spill’ at Fukushima: Tons seeping into ground; ‘Widespread structural problems’ indicated with tanks — Nitrogen injection for preventing explosions at reactors temporarily halted
    Weekly Asahi: 70% of children tested in Kanto (Includes Tokyo) have radioactive cesium in their urine -Journalist #Fukushima
    Kaku: Gov’t will have to send military to Fukushima plant — Japan Professors: It’s a “slow-motion nuclear war”; World’s militaries are only ones able to cope with such disaster (AUDIO)
    AP: Fukushima unleashed radiation that will affect region’s health for decades — Book: Effects seem to be rapidly increasing
    Official blasts Japan Gov’t over Fukushima: Such immoral people — Let radioactive substances flow out freely and said nothing while contaminating ocean — It’s just absurd — Now they’re trying to cover up the whole thing.


  4. Irene C says:

    I wonder if we will ever hear any good news coming out of Japan. Oh wait…the Olympics are coming and I like watching the Olympics. Oh wait…they’re sending athletes into this area. Not looking good here.


  5. Stephen P says:

    I seem to remember reading in a Bible Code book some years ago that there was a hidden message – how the world reacts to something critical that happens in Japan will determine the future of mankind. I think it is time that all nuclear reactors in the world were taken offline and dismantled, whilst it is safe to do so. Right now. What happened in Japan could easily happen elsewhere in the world. It would only take an Earthquake, or even a small asteroid impact could potentially trigger similar events elsewhere. There are alternatives to nuclear power which could supply the grids of the world. It may come at an expense to change our power production method, but what is the cost of not doing so? Will we head this wake up call?


  6. Dennis E. says:

    I think that I would move from the west coast.
    This seems to be another potential disaster that we are facing excluding the goverment shutdown.


  7. lisa V says:



  8. kdawson says:

    I thought the U.N. was watching this.


  9. Gail says:

    This guy is a professor of sociology, not a nuclear engineer! Just like the so-called scientists who babble about global warming and fancy themselves as weather experts-yet they are food scientists, whatever. BUNCH OF JERKS!


    • 雨出男(a Tokyo dweller) says:

      You will see in a month.
      It is an easy prediction,requires no special knowledge,
      We live in desperation and resignation. Sorry for strange English.


  10. Glenn Rice says:

    Less than two months till they begin a game of operation? This is very sobering, and interesting. Could this be the wormwood mentioned in the book of Revelation? It is looking very likely right now that the world will plunge into great tribulation before another year goes by. Perhaps in 6 months, to be more specific. Everything will melt down together for a super catastrophe chain reactive season. It is coming, and soon. Be ready. You must stand in your faith, or you will not stand at all. (Isaiah 7:9)


  11. Bone Idle says:

    Around two thirds of the fuel rods can be removed “safely”. Then the fun starts.
    Some fuel rods have already been extracted to check on deterioration levels.
    The removal will require thousands of different staff. The removal staff will need to be constantly replaced as manual works will involve some exposure to radiation. It will not take long for an individual operator to reach their lifetime exposure level.


  12. Steven J. says:

    Odds are that it won’t go “perfectly”, in which case Tokyo may become a ghost town and the disaster that will follow will have global implications…


  13. Prairiemae says:

    I had to re-read the source for this story. Prison Planet and Alex Jones are calling for a global government effort to solve the problem with Fukushima?! Mr. Anti-NWO himself?!

    Every problem these days seems to have the whole world crying for a global government solution . Is it by mere coincidence or by design? The readers here all know the answer to that question.


  14. john says:

    Couldn’t this fuel pool be removed as a whole unit keeping the integrity of it sound, a daunting task yes, but the alternative seems much worse of a case. Think big


    • Bone Idle says:

      Aliens might be able to do that.

      Come to think of it. Tepco and the Japanese government ARE relying on the sudden arrival of aliens.


  15. Ezra says:

    This is certainly not a good situation but I fear that the professor is using this unfortunate situation to further his personal dislike of nuclear power. Fuel rods do not fission quite that simply, I.e. “Because they touch one another”. Fuel rods, particularly those in the spent fuel bay are already very depleted, secondly fuel rods have to be positioned in a very precise pattern to support the fission process. Please don’t allow these statements to disturb your peace, it appears to me to be pure fear mongering. I worked as operating supervisor in the nuclear power industry fo a good number of years, it is not any where as dangerous as people try to make out.


    • Bone Idle says:

      Unfortunately self appointed experts with a barrow to push such as Gundersen and nutters like Helen Caldicot are distorting the issues and the news at any cost MSM are listening to them.
      Unfortunately Tepco and the Japanese government are making a dogs breakfast of the situation and their outright dishonesty is not helping matters.

      Other reputable nuclear disaster experts have made their opinions clear as well – they are just not publiscised as much.. However these other reputable experts have very discouraging or bleak views also. They are more concerned with the corium situation, the underground water table and seepage contamination and the fact that the site will ultimately become too dangerous to facilitate any human workers anywhere near.


  16. scott says:

    how could this be worse than hiroshima?? people need to be educated on nuclear material and dispersal. the media hype is getting ridiculous. on site yes, but dispersal? compared to a nuclear explosion? if the rodletts touch it doesn’t meen anything. a lot of this article doesn’t add up.


  17. cafe' black says:

    So does this mean were noy going to build floating nuclear powplants?


  18. Alvin Hollins says:

    This reminds me of the movie On The Beach filmed in the 1960s with Gregory Peck, about a nuclear accident that eventually killed all life on Earth.


  19. Lisa says:

    Most people think Alex Jones is a nutter so it’s a shame this article is linked to him. Personally I don’t care for the guy BUT I do know that Fukushima is in a dire situation. I wish this article had been written by someone else that wasn’t linked to his camp so that people would take this more serious.


  20. Rosy Lennartsson says:

    Truth is an Absolute; not subject to the judgements of “Gloom & Doom”that’s just a tactic that Trolls/ dummies use… three words missing from yer little piece; Extinction Level Event… ELE…there are others who agree; go to VeteransToday.com & read any or all of Bob Nichols’ articles…i agree with most of what he sez.    Over 330 lbs of Plutonium exploded in  Fukes’ multiple reactor melt-dopwns, on Friday…This so-called World Leader Obomba knew; 3 days later on Monday he flew to South America to promote  Nuke Construction; 3000 people showed up & told him to stick it where the sun don’t shine….Lucky if 300 people will show up to protest, here in the U.S. eh?  i digress.  go read Bob Nichols’ articles; they will open your eyes…It’s verrrry serious…..Peace. -rosy



  21. nickk0 says:

    Alvin (or any readers),
    Why is it that this possible cataclysmic event, is being ignored by the ‘mainstream’ media ??

    I would like to hear what others have to say – Even from those who state that the possibility of such a disaster, is being greatly exaggerated, or even fabricated.


    • niebo says:

      Hey, Nickko: A story (covered by TEP) from the BBC with the (somewhat misleading) headline “Fukushima radiation levels ’18 times higher’ than thought” reveals the truth five and six sentences in (before boredom has time to arise): “However, the company said the equipment used to make that recording (the widely reported figure) could only read measurements of up to 100 millisieverts. The new recording, using a more sensitive device, showed a level of 1,800 millisieverts an hour.” SO, cheap equipment is to blame for two years of lies.


      The same story, reported by MSN, carries the headline “Radiation spikes to lethal levels at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant”. At the very END of the article, they report the truth, that the problem is no “spike” but a failure (of technical morality) to use proper equipment.


      Another example, also from MSN, reports, “Crippled Fukushima nuclear plant: 300 tons of radioactive water spilled”. Again, at the end of the article (third from last sentence), they revise their headline with the truth, that the figure is 300 tons PER DAY.


      So, according to NBC, the situation is under control. The “spin” suggests that the problem is handled. So . . . why lie? What agenda is furthered? (Bare with me) And why ignore the story altogether? Well, why would reporters/agencies report it when it is not a problem? Because Fukushima is not a problem.. A disaster, yes, a catastrophe, yes, but a problem? No.

      Yes, I just said that, and with a straight face. Now, to understand why, cross-refer the radiation dispersion data with the proposed map for North America, per Agenda 21.


    • Dennis E. says:

      nickko: Dennis E. here: I have been reading reports on the internet that Tuna now being caught in the Pacific are showing highly more radioactivity.
      I am seeing these reports on Steve Quayles and Stan Deyo’s Web Site. Reports not verified. Some reports have read we will not be able to see any food from the sea, from the Pacific.
      Also, Asian people do not like to lose face. How many mid level/senior managers in Japan have you ever heard committing suicide? A bunch…….It is all about saving face,status, PRIDE and a haughty look. It is effecting the West Coast of The USA now, worst to come I believe.


  22. Why isn’t this getting more coverage on the news sites?! I really hope that the world will band together and send enough specialists to help ensure we keep Fukushima from contaminating the planet even more than it already has.


    • delphia says:

      Of course mainstream media is not reporting it. Main stream media=government= they do not want to ‘scare’ the public. They don’t want people to leave in droves, now do they? Why? because that would mean less people spending money and being sheeple, that’s why 🙂


  23. Val Shinkle says:

    It Just Blows My Mind.. It just blows my mind with the ongoing problems from Fukushima, Japan. The ongoing problems have become a death sentence for this planet. People just continue to blow my mind with the FACT no one cares to talk about it or wants to start cleaning up your own back yards., even though we can with the appropriate families of MICROBES to shorten and mitigte the halflives of the radiation… There is yet another planting season among us and nobody wants to protect the watersheds, croplands, orchardsm ponds and herds. uou know FOOD AND WATER HERE IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE?.… PEOPLE IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP !!!!
    But NOOOO. look here at the Obama Administration official reponse document from the Federal register…..
    WELL, WELL, WELL lookey here at this little nugget. Quietly folded into the pages of the Federal Register on our last TAX DAY, no less, to guarentee NO ATTENTION WHATEVER BY THE MEDIA…
    Yeah…just print it in there and pray No Reporter, Journalist, Congressman, Senator or Citizen stumbles into it….. Hope your supply of TUMS is ample and your cuppa comfort and a Blanky is nearby. Cause your gonna be pissed.

    Read it and then fire up the keyboards… Without your attention… It just lays there another simmering SCANDAL awaiting revelation , Only this one WILL COST YOU YOUR LIFE, and make every other political issue pale in comparison.

    I spent most of yesterday trying getting this out to all of the State’s Governors… …. and checked the CDC alerts.. ZIP, ZILTCH NADA.. No public alerts will be issued when the Radiation alerts go over 100 , as they often do now all accross the nation..book mark and monitor for yourself here: http://www.nirs.org/radiation/radstds/epadramaticallyweakensradiationprotection41513.pdf
    And since the Obama EPA turned off the Radiation monitoring system 90 days after the Fujushima event .. it has been up to the Global Communities Science and Technology golks to built independent networks that are outside the control of the US Government… Bless the Worl Press and the Vast network of Labs, Universities and Business Concerns that hace and ARE networking. Nuclear tracking Center: http://www.netc.com

    As for the current Amnerican Administration? they simply ‘ rule changed the PAG [Protocols ond Guidelines] for EPA, USDA, FEMA. DHS CDC and all Federal Dpartments under the control of the Exucutive Branch, with all Emergency Management Manuals. ’ Altered them, So they the Feds, and because local and state emergency management are under Federal guidleines … NO Nuclear Emergency Management, Warnings, Education or Medical Response would be ever be issued…

    The Obama Administration has again decided NOT to protect or serve the Ciitizens of the United States..It simply does not fit their agenda or political narrative.

    Even the Batallion Chief Levels of the Seattle Fire Dept and Puget Sound Medical Emergency Management Networks are unaware. [and this is within my own personal family networks].

    Here is the actual press release from the Federal Register dated April 15, 21013

    Click to access epadramaticallyweakensradiationprotection41513.pdf

    …And here is the links to the daily research that confirms the truth of the data, and what you can do about it… Tommorow is in your hands, and your hands alone.


    • I don’t believe anything that shows up on beforeitsnews.com. Their journalistic integrity is second only to the Weekly World News supermarket tabloid. The beforeitsnews.com headlines are often as misleading as the headlines from MSN and NBC (as posted by niebo in this thread) except they’re misleading in the opposite direction. The REAL truth, it seems, is that it’s getting harder and harder to trust any so-called “news” source, whether it’s mainstream or alternative. They’re all serving their own agenda. The old idea of “objective” journalism seems to have gone the way of the quill pen and parchment. “Trust no one” is the watchword of the day, in my opinion.


  24. nickk0 says:

    Hello, Alvin, and readers,

    I stumbled across this news item this AM: “Disaster Spiraling Out of Control at Fukushima as Japan’s Prime Minister Asks for Global Help”
    Looks like the proud Japanese are FINALLY starting to admit, that they will need the help of the rest of the world.

    I’d also like to give a shout out and ‘Thanks’ to ‘niebo’ and other readers, for the excellent commentary and responses.


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