Disaster on disaster: crippled Fukushima plant braces for typhoon Man-Yi hit

September 16, 2013 JAPAN Workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have braced for a powerful incoming typhoon. Japan is struggling and failing to keep radiation leaks from the facility, crippled by the 2011 quake and tsunami, under control. Typhoon Man-Yi hit southern Japan on Monday morning, bringing heavy rains and strong winds and sparking fears that it might further deteriorate the situation at Fukushima. Workers at the site are using large weights to try and prevent cranes used to move debris from toppling over from the wind, reports Japanese broadcaster NHK. They also attached ropes to external piping and pumps, which are used to pump cooling water to and from the reactors. Staff members have increased patrols ahead of the storm to make sure that radiation-contaminated water doesn’t overflow from storage tanks. At least one overflow has already been discovered. The typhoon has been increasing in size and strength as it traveled over the Pacific, with wind speeds rising to as much as 162kph. Man-Yi is the 18th typhoon to hit Japan this season and is one of the strongest so far, leading officials to issue warnings of possible floods and landslides to citizens in different parts of the country. In three prefectures – Kyoto, Fukui and Shiga – the national Meteorological Agency forecaster issued highest level emergency alert. Railways in central Japan have suspended services in response to the typhoon’s arrival. About 800,000 residential buildings were without electricity in western and central Japan and 300,000 were told to evacuate ahead of the storm. The Fukushima plant remains a source of much concern, as Japanese authorities and operator TEPCO have so far failed to prevent leakage of radioactive water used to keep reactors under control into the environment. The disaster triggered a wave of rejection of nuclear power both in Japan and in some other countries. Japan is soon to become a nuclear-free nation after shutting down its only operational reactor on September 15. This however is expected to be temporary situation, with facilities going back online after passing safety checks and winning approval from municipal authorities. –RT
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5 Responses to Disaster on disaster: crippled Fukushima plant braces for typhoon Man-Yi hit

  1. Peter says:

    Does anyone have an update about the condition of the Fukushima plant after the Typhoon hit?



  2. Irene C says:

    With everything that is happening in Japan, has anyone considered the fact that the 2020 Olympics will be held there? Just saying…


  3. Irene C says:

    I just came upon this article.

    Typhoon hits Japan as Fukushima operator releases water


    Typhoon Man-yi hit Japan Monday, leaving two people dead and forcing the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to release rainwater with low levels of radiation into the ocean.

    The powerful typhoon made landfall in Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture, shortly before 8:00 am (2300 GMT Sunday), packing gusts of up to 162 kilometres (100 miles) per hour, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

    Public broadcaster NHK said a 71-year-old woman was found dead as a landslide engulfed her house in Shiga prefecture, while a 77-year-old woman was also confirmed dead in a separate mudslide in Fukui prefecture, near Shiga.

    Four people were still missing while 128 others were injured with more than 4,000 houses flooded and at least 270 houses damaged by strong wind or landslides, NHK said.


  4. Faye Brown says:

    I wonder … where will the winds carry all that radioactive atmosphere ?


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