Mysterious elk deaths plague New Mexico: 100 fall dead in 24-hour period

September 12, 2013NEW MEXICO Officials with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish are puzzling over the mysterious deaths of more than 100 elk, apparently all within a 24-hour period, in rural New Mexico. The elk were found Aug. 27 on a 75,000-acre ranch north of the city of Las Vegas. Livestock deaths, by themselves, are not unusual — there are many things that can fell large animals, including predators, poachers, a natural or man-made toxin, disease, drought, heat, starvation, and even lightning. But so far wildlife officials have seemingly ruled out most of these possibilities: The elk weren’t shot (nor taken from the area), so it was not poachers. Tests have come back negative for anthrax, a bacteria that exists naturally in the region and can kill large animals. There seems to be no evidence of any heavy pesticide use in the area that might have played a role in the die-off. Though lightning strikes are not uncommon in the Southwest and in New Mexico specifically, killing over 100 animals at one time would be an incredibly rare event. It might be an as-yet unidentified disease, though killing so many at once — and so quickly — would be very unusual. Another possibility is some sort of contamination of the well or water tanks, but so far no toxins have been identified. Wildlife officials are hopeful that they will be able to identify the cause of death — if for no other reason that it would give peace of mind to ranchers and hunters.
Mass animal deaths are not uncommon. In just the past few weeks, massive die-offs of various animals have made news around the world. China’s Fuhe River was clogged last week with over 100 tons of dead silvery fish. Officials attributed the deaths to toxic levels of ammonia dumped into the river from a local chemical factory. Around the same time, scientists finally solved the riddle of what had mysteriously begun to kill off a type of salamander in the Netherlands beginning in 2010. The culprit turned out to be Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, a contagious fungus that eats the salamander’s skin. Odd livestock attacks also abound. Last December, an unknown animal attacked livestock in Shelby County, Ky., leaving many of the victims with gnawed or detached ears, including a goat named Polka-dot. In 2010, the Hispanic vampire beast el chupacabra (of course, never proven to exist) was blamed by some for the deaths of more than 300 goats in rural Mexico. The real cause: Officials found feral canines were the real culprits. Whatever killed the New Mexico elk was apparently neither a chemical spill nor a flesh-eating fungus, though the deaths remain a genuine mystery, at least so far. Tissue and blood samples are still being analyzed, and scientists hope to have answers soon. –Live Science
contribution Jenny M.
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3 Responses to Mysterious elk deaths plague New Mexico: 100 fall dead in 24-hour period

  1. 1776again says:

    It wouldn’t have to do with the “geo engineering” spraying in New Mexico being paid for by Gates and his population control agenda would it ?


  2. You would be a fool if you believed that “Monsanto” and our government wasn’t behind this! The chem trails this nation has been seeing in our sky’s the last few months say’s it all. This government has turned evil weather you want to believe it are not! They are “killing off” slowly but surly and all we do is stand there hypnotized and brainwashed while these monsters destroy the planet. Yes, we are included. You stand in “Ignorant Fear” believing that this just can’t be happening in the good old U.S. of A. You mean nothing to these monsters, you are pest to them and they are merely spraying you like common house roaches. And when things die right before your very eyes, you still demand more proof. When you do come to realize that what you been hearing & seeing all along is true, it will have been to late. Just the way they planed it.


  3. Morgean says:

    That is so incredibly sad. Living in NM makes it somehow more difficult to take, but it is deeply saddening none the less. There comes a time in everyone’s life where they must question the ethical nature of what they are doing? I’ve adjusted my life several times, mostly after working for companies and realizing the evil that lies beneath. I had not been able to come to terms with how anyone could fly a plane and spray chemicals to cover our earth. You can believe what your employer says for only so long – you know the truth deep inside as do those that are spear-heading this total destruction and depopulation of earth. There will come a time when you all must face your sins – why not now before you cause more damage? Is this really the legacy you want to leave behind? From the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – imagine your funeral and those that come and speak – what is it you’d like them to say? Morgean


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