Fungus blamed for salamander die-off in the Netherlands: ‘complete mystery why we are seeing this outbreak now’

September 12, 2013NETHERLANDS – A newly discovered fungus that feasts on the skin of amphibians is threatening to decimate a species of salamander in the Netherlands, according to new research. Fire salamanders are one of the most recognizable salamander species in Europe, and are characterized by their distinct yellow- and black-patterned skin. Since 2010, fire salamanders have been mysteriously dying off in the forests of the Netherlands. Now, scientists have identified a deadly fungus, called Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (the second part of the name translates to “salamander-eating”), that they say is jeopardizing biodiversity and bringing fire salamanders close to the brink of regional extinction. Previously, a fungus species related to the salamander-eating variety was the culprit behind mass amphibian casualties around the globe. That fungus, named Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, or Bd, is thought to have devastated more than 200 amphibian species worldwide, the researchers said. The fungus Bd also causes the disease chytridiomycosis, which has been labeled the most devastating infectious disease in vertebrate animals by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The detection of a new fungus that rapidly kills fire salamanders is an alarming development, said An Martel, a professor in the department of pathology, bacteriology and poultry diseases at the Ghent University in Belgium, and lead author of the new study. “In several regions, including northern Europe, amphibians appeared to be able to co-exist with Bd,” Martel said in a statement. “It is, therefore, extremely worrying that a new fungus has emerged that causes mass mortalities in regions where amphibian populations were previously healthy.”
The fungus can be spread between salamanders through direct contact, and although the researchers suspect it can also spread through indirect contact, they have yet to prove this type of transmission. The fungus typically invades the salamander’s skin, quickly killing the animal, the scientists said. Still, much is unknown about the newly identified fungus. Tests to infect midwife toads, which have been threatened by chytridiomycosis, have shown that these toads are not susceptible to the salamander-eating fungus. Nonetheless, the vulnerability of other species of amphibians to the disease is not yet known. “It is a complete mystery why we are seeing this outbreak now, and one explanation is that the new salamander-killing fungus has invaded the Netherlands from elsewhere in the world,” study co-author Matthew Fisher, a professor of fungal disease epidemiology at Imperial College London, said in a statement. “We need to know if this is the case, why it is so virulent, and what its impact on amphibian communities will be on a local and global scale.” By figuring out which species are at risk, scientists may be able to take steps to protect vulnerable populations in the wild, he added. “Our experience with Bd has shown that fungal diseases can spread between amphibian populations across the world very quickly,” Fisher said. “We need to act urgently to determine what populations are in danger and how best to protect them.” – NBC News
 Book quote: “It’s clear these fungi outbreaks being reported around the world are no mere sporadic coincidence. The cluster pattern of outbreaks suggests a sudden explosion of fungi growth acceleration across the planet. Fungi inherently increase disease risks because they can produce offspring or infect their hosts simply by spreading spores in the air. Rising global temperatures, dust storms, and cosmic rays are unraveling the web of life of the biosphere across the planet by insidiously aiding in the transmission of fungal spores. We may not have much time left before the Earth is in the midst of a full-blown biological crisis and all life on the planet is under cross-sectional simultaneous threats of extinction.” –The Extinction Protocol, p. 206, 2009 
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9 Responses to Fungus blamed for salamander die-off in the Netherlands: ‘complete mystery why we are seeing this outbreak now’

  1. Dennis E. says:

    I think that with the on going crisis in Syria and at home, we tend to forget that our planet is also in crisis regardless of a person’s stance on whether its is caused by global warming/cooling.
    Our world is sick.
    Our Society is sick.
    Our economy is sick.
    As has been posted before, all we see is the decline into chaos. need proof? look at the recent social issues regarding the martin case, the current Syrian confusion, recent comments by the Pope about faith and of course continuing issues in the animal kingdom.
    This is what I think we need to heed is that people acting less responsible and losing regard for human life, taking on animal instincts to survive,losing self control. Animals themselves more aggressive towards humans as natural food sources become scarce and become more bold to enproach areas where not normally seen, to find food, something to eat, dead or alive,four legged or two legged.
    Something to consider


  2. Joseph t Repas says:

    Thank you Alvin! That is so true and I was wondering if you have heard of anything in the news of diseases like these happening botanically as well.Lately here in New Jersey, USA I have seen many dead trees of many different species and none of them seem to be all that old. We have had plenty of rain the last couple of years and temperatures have been fine in all seasons. Thank you for your dedication to informing those that are willing to learn. Hope you are getting some time to enjoy your family too! be blessed!


  3. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    It seems to be always prefaced by “scientist can not explain mystery”. For most of us we see a connection between all “MYSTERIOUS” events. God is starting to destroy this earth and make a new earth. It is frighting to witness such events now happening and what will happen in the future. These are the times that will try the souls of men. This is God’s plan for we have been told this so do not be faint of heart but stand fast in the faith in Jesus Christ as the savior. Remember do not fear those who can kill the body but those who can kill body and soul.

    Sorry Alvin, I started preaching a bit.


  4. I often consider we’re witnessing the reversal process of Genesis …


  5. Yzerman19 says:

    Fukushima Fungus


  6. Angelsong says:

    And this is just a prelude to things to come…


  7. Thomas J. Weitzel says:

    Say Alvin, could this be happening because scientist have releast something bad from drilling down through the ice in Antartica down to ( Lake Vostok ) ?????????


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