Southern Australia is being rattled by hundreds of quakes- and scientists aren’t sure why

 September 10, 2013 AUSTRALIA Scientists in Victoria are attempting to learn more about the increase in the number of earthquakes in the Gippsland region. Seismologists are describing the region as an earthquake hotspot. There were only 50 earthquakes recorded up until 2009, but since then there have been 700. The activity has been particularly high in the Strzelecki Ranges which lie between the Latrobe Valley and the Gippsland coastline. Locals have been intrigued by the tremors for years. Gary Gibson from the University of Melbourne says the motion in Gippsland is high. “There are other spots that are active for a period of time but they’re active for a geologically short period, maybe 100,000 years or something and they go quiet. And they’ve got no long term evidence of continued motion,” he said. “Whereas the motion in Gippsland here, the rate of earthquake activity we have at the moment is high. The geology suggests that the average over the last few million years is probably even higher.” There are eight seismographs planted in the ground along fault lines meters below the surface around Gippsland to monitor the tremors. They are so sensitive that they can record the vibrations of approaching footsteps. One of them is on Neville Cliff’s beef farm. “We’ve had some good earthquakes come through here. You can hear them coming. It’s like an express train coming and the house shakes,” he said. “How many farmers got a seismograph? People tell me how many cattle they’ve got and how many acres they’ve got and I say well have you got a seismograph?” 
Honors student Dan Sandiford recently finished a study on the seismic activity of areas with fractures in the rock bed, called faults. He looked at whether the activity was related to faults in the Gippsland area. “The question really is, are those faults still active? Are the earthquakes that are happening and have been recorded here in the modern era related to those faults? The study suggested that those earthquakes did happen on faults and those faults are some of the largest ones which are known in the area,” he said. Gary Gibson says it is hoped the research will have some impact on building regulations in the area. “One of the problems with living in an inactive area is firstly that your building standards don’t take serious consideration of the type of earthquake that is going to affect us,” he said. “The way you try and avoid problems with earthquakes is you don’t want buildings to collapse under any circumstances so they have to be designed to withstand it.” –
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28 Responses to Southern Australia is being rattled by hundreds of quakes- and scientists aren’t sure why

  1. Irene C says:

    I was just wondering – what exactly is an inactive fault? Makes me think about an extinct volcano.


  2. Cherrybaby says:

    Hi Alvin,

    I moved from Tasmania to live in Victoria and definitely agree that the amount of earth tremors has increased…in fact they are becoming more common than ever before – people just ignore it and accept it as normal. Scary how we can just “get used” to all the things happening around us!



  3. Bone Idle says:

    Australia was mistakenly considered volcano free and seismological stable right up until the late sixties. The funds available to geological departments for research into earthquakes and volcanic activity were basically non existent up until a few major events occurred.
    e.g a Huge dam used for irrigation purposes was constructed in the area this report mentions. No allowance was made for any tectonic problems. – The area was considered free of activity.
    After a Mag 4.0 event years ago this dam had to be modified for earthquake coding.

    It’s amazing to think that that attitude had persisted considering the line of ancient volcanoes that stretches for over 4000 kilometers down the eastern coast of Australia. – The great dividing Range.


    • If you look at the Tweed Valley on the Northern Rivers of NSW you will see that it is in fact a giant caldera with Mt Warning as the pipe in the middle through which it used to erupt. It is seen most clearly if you travel over the Burringbar range on the old Pacific Highway and also from the peak of Mt Warning.


  4. Louise Page says:

    As a local to this general (outer eastern Melbourne) region, I have been watching this activity for quite some time. I am glad the scientists are focusing on this activity as there have also been small movements and the odd jolt which haven’t formally registered as tremors. Just today, as an example, there was a vibration running through the ground at one point and the glass of water I had sitting on the table showed a very, very small sway from south to north. The seismo’s in this region corresponded with this movement/s.
    Cheers, Louise.


    • As a resident of the eastern suburbs of melbourne there have been a number of times I’ve been sitting on my office chair at home and felt vibrations coming up through it. I thought I was imagining things as no one else seemed to notice but maybe not. Maybe I should put a seismograph where we live.


  5. alan says:

    Well australia was said to be overdue for a volcanoe popping up somewhere and considering how much water is getting dumped on the continent during these epic floods im not so sure things arn’t getting stressed elswhere..


    • Bone Idle says:

      Some volcanos in the western part of Victoria and the south east of South Australia have been taken off the extinct list and put on the dormant list. Mt Gambier is one.

      The last volcanic activity in Victoria was between 600 and 2000 years ago. – a mere second in geologic timescale.


  6. Just dropping in to say THANK YOU for all the information you keep us informed with, I so love your updates and choices of content in keeping us up to date with events around our Globe..


  7. Harry Horton says:

    I think a good deal of all the unusual earthquake activity across the world as well as in the U.S. could be due to underground nuclear testing effects. The Australia unusual earthquake swarm could be one of many indicators of this. The most significant and scariest fact of environmental disaster is the following: The first unusual earthquake activity, that is an increase in earthquake number occurred within the Raton Basin in southeastern COlorado—-in 2001. Then 7 years later in 2008/9 the same unusual earthquake activity starts to appear in Texas in the Balcones Fault zone area as well as in Oklahoma in 2009. THen within a year further eastward, Arkansas starts experiencing unusual earthquake activity similar to COlorado and Texas and Oklahoma. What this could mean is that if any nuclear testing damage under the ground starts spreading eastward it would logically enter into the Raton basin area of COlorado first in 2001. THen as it expands eastward, such damage later would enter into Texas and Oklahoma as was the case in 2008/9. And finally within a year after Oklahoma’s nuclear testing damage entry into the Sooner state, the damage then enters into Arkansas. The fact that nuclear damage as such could include damage and deleterius effects in the mantle. THus these earthquakes if they grow worse in the decades ahead could destroy large portions of the earth’s surface sending humantiy to its doom. The web site: “The Spiritual Notebook” page 181. On this page 181 the predicition that nuclear testing has weakened the earth’s interior and as a result,large portions of earth’s surface will collapse in the middle of the 21st century. And humanity will meet its doom with such an event. This above progression of events of unusual earthquake activity first appearing in the Raton Basin and then seven years later in Texas and Oklahoima, relate the dynmaics of such dire predicition scenarios that the Spiritual Notebook info relates.


    • Héctor says:

      It’s an interesting theory, and in my humble opinion (as an engineer) we as humans have been so arrogant and shortsighted that many of us have made (unwittingly) a Faustian bargain: modern civilization and its comfortabilities in exchange for the sustainability of the Life on earth as we know it and the future of our Children (or lack thereof…).

      For anyone looking for an interesting long-term view applying mathematics and science, System Dynamics would be immensely useful.


  8. tonic says:

    South pole realignment.


  9. MM says:

    sign of the times…


    • Hopeful1 says:

      These tremors are probably caused by the construction of DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), similar to the infamous “Taos Hum” sounds in New Mexico and felt throughout the southwest. The question is, why are so many of these deep underground bases/facilities being constructed around the world? What’s coming that the elite/military need to go underground?


  10. bobby90247 says:

    It’s a “known” FACT, that the “magnetic” poles are constantly shifting. Why would anyone ever “think” differently? The Earth “wobbles” as it travels through space and the magnetic poles are the result of a spinning planet, is it any wonder that these poles would be in constant motion? Logically? NO!


  11. tonic says:

    The poles routes (North, South) show no wobble, or mimicry of Earths rotation. The SAA exists within a magnetic field. So where are its dipoles?


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