3 Responses to Israel warns Syria reprisals would come “in the harshest way possible” –would topple Assad from power

  1. Dennis E. says:

    More fire to the situation. Israel has found another oil field in southern Israel, south of Ashdod.

    This is how I see this. As Israel starts to bring the profits from the recent oil and gas finds into their economy, it is going to take off like a rocket. The Israeli’s standard of living will increase and they could become the major player in the oil market pushing aside The Saudi’s.
    Not only that, they can their own external threats without US permission because we will need their oil. Their military capabilities will increase greatly and feeling alarmed at their success, and the tipping of power in the Middle east, then the Gog/Magog war may happen.

    Did anyone know that Israel is a leading developer of medical devices and procedures?
    Just recently, a prototype plasma type device was developed to heal wounds without the need to use stitches or staples. Just able now to use on simple wounds. Star Trek stuff we just to be amazed at.

    Interesting times we live in…………


  2. Martin Altria says:

    It is a major concern, that first Britain and now USA have backed down from helping those people, to me it speaks volumes, especially in so much that our own powers are running scared ! The question from what ?

    I wish all the best luck to those people affected, and may luck prevail.


  3. taffyduff says:

    They are not running scared but stalling Martin.
    Britain and the USA know that this could be the start of WWIII, they just don’t want to be the ones to light the fuse.


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