9 Responses to Middle East crisis: while talk of military action on Syria cools- build-up in the region continues

  1. wibbys1 says:

    They cannot help themselves. The worl;d is hurtling towards the fulfilment of bible prophecy and the only ones denying that fact now are those who choose to walk with eyes wide shut.
    Damascus, Israel, iran, russia all the players are in their places and taking their cues from their master director—satan. No, he is not in charge, he just thinks he is. God is the only One who writes history in advance!


  2. Petra says:

    Just listen to the utter lies and deciet coming from Obama and Kerry the war mongers. They have presented NO proof because they have none and it is their funded and trained terrorist rebels that carried out the latest chemical attack as they did with the previous. Russia defend Assad otherwise it will be another West removal of a legitimate Govt to suit Qatar, Saudi and the West.


  3. jade says:

    I knew it would never happen just like the north korean crisis.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    According to some sources, even the Chinese have sent a small force in the area. I do not believe the evidence is sufficient to prove that Assad’s forces used chemical weapons because I believe the one of the rebel forces and there seems to be many different groups could have done this and this is not the first report of chemical weapon use. I think that there is a deeper reason and remember Saddam used chemical weapons on the Kurd’s and Iran and we didn’t threaten to invade then. It was only when the world’s oil production/control was threatened did the world react with force and still then, he wasn’t removed from power.

    No, I am incline to believe this is about oil and gas resources, not that Syria is a oil producing nation, but there are pipelines and of course the major oil and gas discoveries off the coat of Israel and Lebanon and that is probably the real reason (petrodollar).

    I think if the president is trying to install the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria as he supported in Egypt, he will be the enabler of the destruction of Damascus. I think he wanted to surround Israel with its most deadliest enemies. I think Assad is a member of the Baath party which roots extend back to The Nazi Regime of World War II. Saddam was a member also. it seems the presidents foreign policy has damaged our credibility beyond repair. I think we should accept the fact that we are seeing The American Empire slipping through his hands and that seems to have been the plan all along for his handlers.

    This still could get real ugly soon if he intends to go it alone just spite everyone.
    We should not lose focus that earth change events are ever increasing in volume
    and effects.

    And that is my take on this………….


    • JAFO says:

      Hi Dennis: good call buddy! While there may / and are various interests or reasons for all the various groups, factions, national interests, etc. The single constant for the USA is the protection of the petrodollar … Without world currency status the US dollar is as good as manopoly money! Whatever, the plans the major players have it ties to either the propping up or tearing down of the US dollar.

      In the end it will not matter. There are just too many indicators all on the event horizon that forecast the US dollar collapse. Right now it’s an effort to stave off the inevitable for as long as possible, or more likely, to wait till all the pieces are in place and trigger the event. Who knows for sure …. Well it ain’t me! Those that do ain’t saying.

      All I know is that my Salvation was bought with a great price on the cross 2000 years ago. So, for me I’ll just trust in Christ for my salvation, carry on as he commanded, and live in the assurance that in the end, as always, He and the Father are in control ….


  5. Irene C says:

    With all the earthquakes, volcanoes, wars, and rumors of wars, this planet is going to go Boom. The one thing missing are Atlantic hurricanes. We are ready to break a record on September 11th of latest a hurricane has developed since we tracked them with radar. Maranatha


  6. diana says:

    We’re about to have our own Middle Eastern crisis:


  7. andrea says:

    Obama calls Putin ”Jackass,” 1000 Chinese marines on the ready in the Medd with back-up of naval force wonder why Obama loosing his cool


  8. Battleships to crack a nut?

    Since Syria’s problems stem from its nutty president and associated Yes men versus a wide selection of non-Syrian rebel groups with their own agendas mixed in with genuine Syrian anti-Assad freedom fighters, surely a visit by a US SEAL team similar to the recent US ‘Get Bin Laden’ team would be more appropriate and definitely less expensive for US and Syrian tax payers? After all Assad’s army is perfectly capable of continuing to reduce Syria to ruins without the help of a UN ring of steel pumping shells from around the coasts. I only suggest this to limit that sanitized term ‘Collateral Damage’ as the USA apparently considers itself free and self-justified to eliminate or spy upon any selected target around the planet. The preferable alternative is to back away and concentrate upon bringing aid to the suffering Syrian population.


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