War drums: Israel and U.S. test fire missiles in exercise – Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean

September 4, 2013SYRIA Israel has carried out a joint missile test with the US in the Mediterranean, amid heightened tension over possible Western military strikes on Syria. The test came as the US Congress prepared for its first public hearing on a possible military response to alleged chemical weapons use by Syria. Earlier, the UN confirmed that more than two million Syrians were now refugees from the 30-month conflict. More Syrians were now displaced than any other nationality, it said. A senior Israeli defense official confirmed to the BBC that a missile had been fired on Tuesday to test its defense systems. The defense ministry said Israel’s Arrow missile defense system had successfully detected and tracked a Sparrow medium-range guided missile fired as part of the test. The BBC’s Richard Galpin in Jerusalem says tests like this are usually planned long in advance. But he says it is still a sign that Israel is taking very seriously the possibility that any US air strikes could lead to retaliatory attacks on Israel – either by Syria itself or by its ally, the Shia militia Hezbollah in Lebanon. The US Congress is set to begin its hearings on the case for intervention, with President Barack Obama seeking to persuade skeptical politicians and the American people of the need for a military response to the suspected chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus on 21 August. The US has put the death toll from the attack at 1,429, including 426 children, though other countries and organizations have given lower figures. Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the top US military officer, Gen Martin Dempsey, are to appear before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. There will also be a classified briefing for all members of Congress. –BBC


Russia bolsters military presence: Russia is sending three more ships to the east Mediterranean to bolster its fleet there as a U.S. Senate panel will consider President Barack Obama’s request for authority to conduct a military strike on Syria. Russia is sending two destroyers, including the Nastoichivy, the flagship of the Baltic Fleet, and the Moskva missile cruiser to the region, Interfax reported today, citing an unidentified Navy official. That follows last week’s dispatch of a reconnaissance ship to the eastern Mediterranean, four days after the deployment of an anti-submarine ship and a missile cruiser to the area, which were reported by Interfax. The buildup is raising the stakes as the U.S. prepares for possible action against Syria, sending warships and submarines to the east Mediterranean armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote today on a resolution that supports the use of force by the U.S. military. “Russia is sending a strong signal that the conflict surrounding Syria touches on its interests, to ensure that international law is upheld and there is no bypassing the UN Security Council,” Ivan Safranchuk, deputy director of the Foreign Ministry’s Institute of Contemporary International Studies in Moscow, said by phone. –Bloomberg
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6 Responses to War drums: Israel and U.S. test fire missiles in exercise – Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean

  1. Dennis E. says:

    In this matter, The President has not crossed the aisle in over five years and all of a sudden he wants congress to bail him out. He is like a child who has foregone the advice of his parents and all of a sudden finds that he i sin a situation he cannot handle and starts to whine for mommy and daddy to come and relief him of any responsibility.
    In my opinion, if we strike Syria, we can see that region go up in flames which is probably want he wants and probably sets the scene for the appearance of the Anti-Christ in the near future.
    This time in October could look very different than we could imagine.

    I really don’t think this strike is good for America and already in Sweden he is placing the responsibility on Congress and the international community as if he is right.

    I think this missile test was to gauge Syrian and Russian defense response.


  2. Brownie says:

    We the people out number all the armies of the world and we collectively through positive thinking can stop this whole sceneo with a collective concentrated effort of Love, Peace and Tranquility.
    Don’t let the negative beings rule us together with positive intentions will over come and defeat their evil intentions.
    May the positive power of the universe prevail, peace be with us all.


  3. Cisco says:

    I agree this is not gonna end good if there is military action neuter Russian will step down if US goes without UN council approval. This can get ugly!

    Alvin any reports on the nuclear war heads that have been moved to the east coast from Texas?? I read this in another site.


  4. Vincent L. Guarisco says:

    Here we go again. Obama has earned the dishonorable title of warmonger. I have one question: How much longer do we have to be Israel’s lapdog? This whole affair has the signature of a CIA/Mossad false flag. Wake up people!


  5. landoflost says:

    now china is sending war ships to syria , China is the 200,000,000 million man army mentioned in the Bible crossing the Euphrates. the Euphrates has already dried up making it easy for China


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