12 Responses to US Senate drafts legislation for military response: Venezuela warns Syrian attack a prelude to World War III

  1. As I’ve said, classic Cold War escalation, and Venezuela has Russian ships sitting there, and we all know they have missiles capable of hitting the Gulf Coast. You KNOW if they can “pile on” they will do it. Russia is an ally to Syria. If Russia decides to fight back in the name of Syria, this will not just be WW III this will be a nuclear conflict. Don’t forget China is sticking their noses in this too, and they are allied with Russia on the military front of late. The deck is being stacked against the US.


    • Gabriel says:

      All in all, the deck is not stacked against the US. The odds are even in all out war. War favors the bold. So in fact, the odds really are possibily in the US’ favor.

      Nobody wants nuclear war, and that isn’t going to happen. All Russia and China want are to damage US economic superiority. That can be done, but need not be done in all out war. It can be done through oil alone, and all this business can be taken care of in the Middle East.

      Lastly, it’s all about Christianity VS Islam VS Zionism. It really is all about the fate of Jerusalem in the end.


  2. TLindemann says:

    The deck is stacked against all humanity. This war, as like any and all wars, has been in the works for a very, very long time.


  3. Brimmer79 says:

    We (The US) seem to be on a path that will end badly. I don’t understand why our warmonger leaders don’t listen to the people whom elected them to represent us. Instead they chat amongst themselves and try to figure out a way to blow all our money, so they can take more from us. Classic Robin Hood.


  4. Brownie says:

    The United States is nothing but an agressor to the world, an endless war machine.
    The people of the United States do not want war “AGAIN” !!!! But Obama dreams up faults acusations and fabricated evidence to invade and war. This president and others before him have done this and “WHY” FOR WHAT GAIN ???? they spend tax payers money like it grows on trees to do what ” TO BEGIN THE WAR THE WILL LITTERALY TURN OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD INTO A LIFELESS ROCK SPINNING IN SPACE !!!!!!!!!!!!


    • ? do you think perhaps Obama wants anther term in office? I believe that is possible if America is at war


      • kennycjr says:

        It’s not possible for Obama to run for another term. Unless if some mass global disaster occurred making it impossible for elections to be held? Or a true financial tsunami, and all the nations of the world clamored together to form a one world government as their only chance of salvation?


  5. George says:

    I’d like to comment but what’s the use? Nobody, that’s NOBODY in DC will read my thoughts or care at all what I’m thinking. Sad, sad situation.


  6. Joseph t Repas says:

    Do our ELITE ” leaders” even understand that the so called enemy already has a thousand sleeper cells right here in the USA ready to cause mass destruction and chaos as soon as our hypocrite government violently raises it’s ugly head? …and how many Soviet subs are right off shore ready to blast? But God be the judge…The prophecy of A.A.Allen [ 1955?] regarding this country seems like it is ready to unfold. Please check it out if you have not read it yet.


  7. well we are not mentioned on prophecy and this may very well be the reason why,may God help us.


  8. JJG says:

    Americans(only) need to realize the amount of tech, and shear force we command. What the US Military has done in the last 22 years is amazing. We are, (if you are in the know) the most powerful military in the world. No country and I mean not one country that can provide the lead and dominance in strategy. We all need to step back, breathe a sigh of relief that we are all on the good side. We beat Hitler, China and Russia once. And they still are very afraid of us. If they had one tenth the force we had they’d be the leaders!


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