Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions

September 02, 2013 PERUThe Peruvian government has extended to nine more regions a state of emergency called to cope with unusually cold weather and heavy snowfall. At least two people have died and 33,000 others have been affected by the cold spell, local officials say. Tens of thousands of animals have frozen to death over the past week. President Ollanta Humala has travelled to Apurimac, one of the worst-hit areas, to oversee the distribution of emergency aid. The state of emergency would be in place for 20 days, an official statement said. The heaviest snow fall to hit Peru in a decade has killed tens of thousands of llamas, alpacas, cattle and sheep, and left farmers destitute. A man died when the roof of his hut caved in under the weight of the snow in southern Carabaya province but the circumstances of the second death were unclear. Three people were rescued on Saturday from the same region after their home was cut off by snow. Rescue workers said the three, two girls and an elderly woman, were suffering from frostbite and snow blindness. The cold front has also hit Peru’s south-eastern neighbour, Bolivia, and Paraguay. A total of five people have died in the two countries. –BBC
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9 Responses to Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions

  1. marybell says:

    There will be more catastrophes before the END–Keep the Faith, Our Lord Jesus will see you through. Maranatha


  2. John Paily says:

    Earth is designed to perceive and transport heat/energy. This ability to transport heat helps Earth maintain its temperature within some limit for life to survive. The idea that Global warming increases the Temperature is wrong. We need to understand climate change in terms of exchange of unwinding force of heat or energy [sun and human activity] and winding [Cooling] force of Earth. What happens with exponential increase in energy is that the transport and exchange of energy is accelerated and it takes power. This means we will see huge destruction by fire/wind [Unwinding Force of Sun and Human Activity] and simultaneous increase in flash flood/floods.[ Winding force of Earth that tries to counter] Eventually this would increase earth quake and volcanic eruptions that can wipe out civilizations – we are on the self-destructive path –


  3. Dennis E. says:

    In regard to the deaths of wild animals in this weather event, there was a report on the internet this past week that in New Mexico, a herd of 110 (and I forget the type of animals it was) was found dead in a field from causes currently unknown. I am not sure if this was domestic stock and the article didn’t address it.




  5. Irene C says:

    A lot of strange weather all around.

    Japan Tornado: Dozens Injured In Saitama


  6. Faye Brown says:

    Maybe these are signs of a magnetic pole shift


  7. Lori Denise says:

    You mean with all the people passing by in cars and buses noone can stop to give this person walking a ride?!


  8. Emanni says:

    Grand Canyon Found Buried Under Greenland Ice
    Vast Gorge Stretches 466 Miles
    Millions Of Years Old
    Same Scale As The Grand Canyon



  9. cmercon2013 says:

    I am from Peru. Each year great amounts of snow fall in the Andes. It is sad not to prevent death of people and animals.


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