Did a volcanic eruption induce the summer cooling spell?

September 02, 2013 RUSSIA – Throughout history, large volcanic eruptions have been known to influence climate. This summer, the Midwest experienced a cold wave referred to as  “Julytober” following the June eruption of Mount Sheveluch in Russia. Experts continue to compare this eruption to others from history and debate whether it could have induced the cooler Midwestern weather. “Large Russian volcano eruptions tend to cool the Midwest,” Historical Climatologist Evelyn Browning-Garriss said. When a volcano erupts, if it is large enough, it can send debris miles into the stratosphere. The stratosphere is the atmosphere above where weather takes place, approximately 6-8 miles off the ground. “Sulfur dioxide combines with water in the atmosphere to provide sulfuric acid aerosol droplets that reflect incoming solar radiation,” PhD Research Geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Volcano Observatory David Schneider said.Although the eruption of Mount Sheveluch in June was minor compared to previous eruptions like Mount Pinatubo, two years before in 2011 there were two big eruptions in Russia and Iceland. These eruptions launched high amounts of debris into the air that still remain present today. With a lot of debris already existent in the atmosphere, the addition of the debris from Mount Sheveluch may have then had the ability to possibly influence temperatures by blocking out sunlight, Browning-Garriss said. While volcano experts agree that it is possible for an eruption to influence temperature, as observed in the historic “the year without a summer” in 1816 resulting from the disastrous 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora, most do not believe that the June Russian eruption was massive enough to impact temperatures. “It is highly unlikely that the modest eruptions of Mount Sheveluch have contributed in a significant manner,” Schneider said. –Accuweather excerpt
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5 Responses to Did a volcanic eruption induce the summer cooling spell?

  1. kennycjr says:

    or is the cause much closer to home? such as all the raging wildfires in the US and Canada?

    One day, when it happened to be cool on a sunny day, the Weather Service/NOAA happened to say that there would be a somewhat noticeable haze, extremely unusual for our area, which would cause it to be cooler than one would otherwise expect on a sunny July. Sure enough, I could notice a distinct haze where the skies should have been crystal clear.

    And how did NOAA explain the haze? The upper levels of our atmosphere had been above the massive wildfires in Canada just a few days before. First time I’ve ever heard of anything like that.


  2. Irene C says:

    Just don’t tell the powers-that-be this. Then they’ll have to find another way to tax us for our carbon usage.


  3. Helen Parks says:

    well… it was not the chemtrails – which they spray in winter too. Or is it?
    Yet, on 9/11, when all air traffic was banned for a couple of days, the weather men did notice a difference in degrees for those days.


  4. Doccus says:

    Good explanation.. and here’s where the “anti-global wrming” *and* the pro-warming crowds get it wrong, when saying tempertures are not climbing because of CO2.. The Carbon dioxide, *and* the methane in the atmosphere are very much an issue, and te idiots doing weather modification to “cool it down” are doing even more damage, just as the volcanos are also.. The result is roasting summers, and deadly cold winters. I think everybody knows the story of Krakatoa, and the resultant European mini ice age. All of Europe froze over, even in the summer.. Me, I just love super icy snow and cold. You can always dress the part.. there’s no limit on how many pieces of clothing you can put *on*.. but at my age, there sure is how many I can take off 😉


  5. Wilhelm says:

    Scores of volcanos have been spewing their pyroclastic stew in a continual barrage towards the heavens all year long as covered by TEP… and someone now is trying to point their finger at one eruption in particular… WHAT?!


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