11 Responses to More alleged atrocities reported from Syria, as world considers intervention in civil war

  1. Irene C says:

    I can never understand how anyone could target the children. Oh, these poor children.

    Matthew 24:12
    And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.


  2. taffyduff says:

    Why a school for crying out loud! Why the kids !!?
    How can Assad sleep at night !!?


  3. Dennis E. says:

    Regardless, still not enough reason to send US Cruise Missiles and this is purely Propaganda.
    This is to play upon the the sensitivities of the public and the main stream media would play it 100’s of times.
    Cannot prove it was a goverment plane.
    Cannot prove that it was not from the rebels side or one of their allies.
    This is an unfortunate situation and most cruel, but the situation seems so mucky it is not worth
    the intervention.
    By the way, nothing has being said about the Christians who been burned alive or murdered in Sudan.
    Syria is not a threat to the usa.
    It seems that though the President has a hook in his jaw and is determined to save face.

    That’s my opinion……


    • awarmplace says:

      If a fish bites the same lure over and over and over, why change it? It works better almost every time. Kony 2012, Iran having nukes, these things fell dead in the dirt because the fish weren’t biting. We have our eye out for conflict, doesn’t matter where.


  4. Steven J. says:

    What will it take – how evil will what they are doing to innocents have to be – before someone says “Enough!”??? We are NOT the world’s Police force, but we ARE fellow human beings. To sit back and watch these things happening (and do nothing) is tantamount to watching a sporting event – Are you, the World, enjoying the show yet?


  5. christa says:

    Why innocent children? Why? It makes me furious and sad. May there be justice for the innocent.


  6. robbin says:

    this is a lie, dont follow the false light


    • Steven J. says:

      A “lie”? People aren’t dying in Syria? It’s all a big hoax? Come on…maybe we don’t all agree on the politics, but anyone with a heart and compassion for their fellow man can see that the human suffering is tangible. To say that this isn’t “our” fight is to divorce oneself from humanity. And had we entered WWII earlier, maybe a few million victims wouldn’t have seen the inside of a gas chamber, or was that a “lie” too?


  7. buff24seven says:

    Assad will likely be exiled. He is out of his depth. HIs posturing is cringe-worthy. The issue is not West against the Middle East. It’s about mediocrity and self-serving leadership against what the people want (democracy). Assad inherited his throne (if you will). He is not a leader. He is useless. He destroys his people to preserve his power and wealth. He’s too stupid and arrogant to realize he’s already lost the battle and the war.


  8. freedom007 says:

    How can we know WHO shot those missiles and spread those poisons? All we know for sure is there is death and suffering of thousands of innocent people.

    My Franciscan nun grand-auntie wound have said: “keep out of quarrels about whose fault it all is, it is of no use at all, for during wars all sides keep lying to you; better count some Rosaries for the dead and the wounded”
    and I don know anything better to say, I only add:

    pray for peace – not just for peace in Near East but for World Peace. Putin’s troops are standing on guard… if an US / NATO military strike is done against Assad’s Syria, they’ll strike back and whoosh, WWIII is on.

    if you wish to give a little bit of nonviolent “revenge” to a system which sacrifices human life for dirty bucks and dirty oil, the only thing you can do, and gotta do, is REFRAIN FROM BUYING.

    Use or eat up what you already have at home and keep back your credit card, or cash, as completely as possible, for a time as long as possible – Hunger Strike about spending bucks.

    this is the way to say NO in a manner that, of many do so, will have to be noticed by those who have a say on Earth – and even if they ignore it, GOD will notice it, and you will be counted in His Book as one of those who refused to share the collective guilt and shame of OIL WARS, which all modern Near East conflicts are, and will be, till this Dark Oil Age is over.


  9. MESCWB says:

    Syrian people, pls come here to confirm it was a plane? (do rebels ever have planes, capable of such surgical strike?)
    At first some days ago I even thought Assad could be being betrayed by some 5 star militar ordering unauthorized ops, but days went by and now no more excuses. Even if now one still believes he has nothing to do with this, if he isn’t able to control the air space of his own country to shoot down supposed ‘rebel’ planes, can’t continue in the wheel…


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