5 Responses to Shaky alliance to act against Syria weakened by UK Parliament vote – Syrian hackers warn of major attacks

  1. Brimmer79 says:

    Crap!! What are we (The United States) getting our selves into now? Looks like the Brits are the smart ones, listening to their ppl. I wish our leaders would stop trying to parent/police the world, stop spending all our money over seas, and start fixing the issues in our home. And I’m not talking about Miley Cyrus, or even racism. I get taxed till I have nothing, my health care is going through the roof, and our public education doesn’t have any money. But we can go blow billions over seas on ppl who hate us just to play puppet master for a while and flex our muscles. Our leaders are irresponsible to say the least.


  2. Prime minister harper of Canada has stated that Canada will Not be going to war in Syria


  3. Tracy says:

    He said no “immediate” military plans, not that Canada wouldn’t go to war at all. Typical political talk.


  4. Northwestjeff says:

    I agree with the vote of the British Parliament. No one should carry my vote for war except for I. I say right now that at forty seven years of age that I would trade places with any of these children. I am so sorry for what the governments of the world do to their people. My the lord bless and keep all of us safe.


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