US will send Syrian President Assad ‘strong signal’

August 29, 2013DAMASCUS President Barack Obama is vowing that American retaliation for Syrian chemical weapons use would send a “strong signal,” as US intelligence officials readied briefings for Congress on evidence aimed at linking last week’s attack to President Bashar Assad’s government. But even as the US moves closer to possible military action, new hurdles appear to be slowing the formation of an international coalition to undertake military action. And questions remain about the strength of the case against Assad. “Russia blocked British efforts to seek a force resolution at the United Nations. British Prime Minister David Cameron said his country would hold off on joining any military efforts until a UN chemical weapons inspection team releases its findings – a step that is unlikely to happen until next week. Still, the Obama administration vowed to take action even without the backing of allies or the UN. The president said that while he had not settled on a response to last week’s purported chemical weapons attack near Damascus, he said the US has concluded that Assad’s regime perpetrated the attack, which killed at least 100 Syrians. “And if that’s so,” Obama said during an interview with NewsHour on PBS, “then there need to be international consequences.” Obama did not present specific evidence to back up his assertion that the Assad regime is responsible for the August 21 attack. US officials were also in search of additional intelligence to bolster the White House’s case for a strike against Assad’s military infrastructure.  American intelligence intercepted lower-level Syrian military commanders’ communications discussing the chemical attack, but the communications don’t specifically link the attack to an official senior enough to tie the killings to Assad himself, according to three US intelligence officials.
They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the intelligence publicly. The administration was planning an intelligence teleconference briefing on Thursday on Syria for leaders of the House and Senate and the national security committees in Congress, US officials and congressional aides said. Officials also said an unclassified version of the report by the Office of the Director for National Intelligence would be made public this week. The White House ideally wants intelligence that links the attack directly to Assad or someone in his inner circle, to rule out the possibility that a rogue element of the military decided to use chemical weapons without Assad’s authorization. That quest for added intelligence has delayed the release of the report laying out evidence against Assad. The report was promised earlier this week by administration officials. The CIA and the Pentagon have been working to gather more human intelligence tying Assad to the attack, relying on the intelligence services of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel, the officials said. Both the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency have their own human sources – the rebel commanders and others who cross the border to brief CIA and defence intelligence officers at training camps in Jordan and Turkey. But their operation is much smaller than some of the other intelligence services, and it takes longer for their contacts to make their way overland. Britain added a hurdle to deliberations about a military strike on Wednesday when it went to the UN Security Council with a draft resolution that would authorize the use of military force against Syria. The British resolution would authorize “all necessary measures under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter to protect civilians from chemical weapons.” Chapter 7 allows the use of international armed force to back up UN decisions. –SMH
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24 Responses to US will send Syrian President Assad ‘strong signal’

  1. landoflost says:


  2. Dennis E. says:

    After reading this post, it leads me to wonder if Obama’s real plan is to engineer a Muslim Brotherhood take over of Syria since the attempt in Egypt has apparently failed.

    According to the article, he is allegedly ready to go it alone which is out of character for him because as a Senator, he usually voted “present”, a indicator of not wanting to be responsible for any making a decision. So, if he is willing to go it alone, then, it could be the US that would bear the brunt of reprisals or retaliations for this action. Also, one has to consider the particular sect of Islam he is adjoined to, as to he is our first Muslim President (in my opinion) and his sect is losing in Syria. Any strike in Syria is a bad move, should have done this last year because The Russians now know Obama is a weak leader and they now have the advantage, when last year they didn’t.

    Just my opinion………..


  3. landoflost says:

    A Commons vote on the UK’s response to a chemical attack near Damascus hangs in the balance, after Labour demanded “compelling evidence” of Syria’s guilt.

    MPs had been due to vote on whether the UK should launch an attack against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
    But David Cameron was forced to back down after Labour said it wanted to wait for UN inspectors to report first.


  4. Luis D. Rey says:

    Syria and the whole world are laughing at our figure head, Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia !!
    This puppet likes to talk but won’t do the walk and if he did, will be only to show “his machismo” or lack of, yet Putin, The Chinese Premier, the Assad killer, the Iranian Supreme Leader, KingJun II of No. Korea, “ugly” Maduro, Ortega, Correa, “El Indio” Evo Morales and many others know that Barry Obama is a man without “cojones” nor convictions to trust and or exercise the power/ strength required by STILL the most power country of the whole world !!


  5. Chris says:

    Lets be careful that we don’t substitute wishful thinking…. for fact. If Assad is responsible for it rather than a rogue military faction then that is one thing… But lets not manufacture facts of the matter out of thin air. The risks and costs are too much.


  6. Joseph t Repas says:

    I know what I am saying here is just my own opinion but this has been going on since the first Arab spring facade and the idiot media in mass embraced it as being democratic revolutions! HA!!! So easy to fool the general public that any group that rebels violently in protests must be the good guys. Now it has advanced to Syria. These are all religious power grabs. Our elite political ” leaders” in the USA are no better than communists in power. Sorry for the sour grapes but I feel that we no longer have a government by the people…Just a bunch of criminals and fools that have no further goals in life but to oppress others for their own gain.


  7. Irene C says:

    Here’s my two-cent’s worth – the more our esteemed leader says that Assad did it, the less I’m believing him. Maybe he thinks that the longer and louder you tell a lie the more people will believe it. It’s worked in the past. But this is just IMO.

    This eerily reminds me of our government prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Conspiracy theorists believe that FDR really, really wanted to get involved in WW2 so he ignored intelligence information that we would be attack. Then suddenly, on December 7th, on a Sunday morning, far too many of our service and civilian men and women died a needless death – but FDR got his war.

    Also, remember all the anti-war protesters during the Bush Jr days (not that I liked him either) when we were fighting in Iraq? Where are they now??? Just wondering….


    • I was wondering the exact same thing?where is Cindy Sheenan with all her camp outs and loud voice?they are mysteriously missing!


    • kennycjr says:

      Conspiracy theories that FDR wanted to get involved in WW2? Whatever do you mean? It’s a fact that FDR wanted to get involved in WW2, only Congress wouldn’t approve it. And it’s a fact that he did everything he possibly could to provoke Germany or Japan into an attack, so that we could be drawn in. Sure Germany didn’t like our transporting aid to Europe, but they were more able to bear the brunt of our trade sanctions. Japan, on the other hand, was being devastated by the trade sanctions we were spear-heading. Did FDR’s administration sit on information that would’ve prevented the massacre at Pearl Harbor? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

      I cannot even begin to comprehend the utter and complete hypocrisy of those who anti-war protesters who are all for obama’s syrian war.


  8. Thomas Criss says:

    The Obama Administration doesn’t give a hoot about the use of chemical weapons. Obama is following the Jesuit Agenda for the Middle East. GOAL: Set up the Papacy in Jerusalem.


  9. Why am I always monitored? I may as well be blocked. Am I blocked. I am a great fan of yours and have purchased both of your books. I hold you in the highest esteem. I am not vulgar, biased, racist or anything of the like. We just do not agree on geophysical weaponry. This is where it all started. I love Jesus too. Why to you not post anything I write, I could get around this. Just reate a new internet identity, its just that I do not understand why a scholar like you would take such strong measures to block everything I post, for what? Conttoversy and intellectual debat as well as constructive critsism I was taught that these wre not only good things but necessary. And moderating is a violation of my free speech. I do not use foul language. I just do not agree with you on everything and my point of view counts. I am a human being and I deserve respect for my opinion. What is wrong with you; Alvin? Really? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?


    • Diagnosis: I must admit I have a mortally-flawed heart that is over-sickened by a love that ignores such criticism.

      I have 8,000 comments I haven’t looked at yet, the9thperterber. If I described how busy my life was…few of you would believe it. Unfortunately, it’s called having 50 other things to do in life daily that requires more time than I have allowed to field comments.

      God bless, and thanks for your continual contribution to the TEP project


    • Irene C says:

      Don’t get so perturbed the9thperterber. Everyone’s monitored. That’s not so uncommon on blogs. It keeps spammers, trolls, and riffraff away. Alvin’s got over 8,000 followers and many of us are at this site every day. And unless you have a spare 24 hours in a day, please let Alvin continue doing what he does so he can keep us all informed and we can continue to have these discussions.


  10. Patty says:

    The UK voted AGAINST military action in Syria. There is no evidence to attach the Assad regime to the chemical attack origin. Reports from civilians were pointing to the Muslim Brotherhood and well-pointed as they did the strikes on the Coptic Churches and hospitals. Whoever it the culprit, they seem to forget that the Coptic Churches have been in Syria for over 1500 years….hmmm and lived peaceably with the Muslims and whomever else has a religion there for that many years – why now? Anyway, Pres. Obama reminded me of Pres. Bush before the Iraq war and the timing (2 years of 2nd term) is familiar also…Has anyone learned that maybe Assad and his regime just said “no” to the NWO like some other countries which have been dismantled recently?


  11. TexasRedNeck says:

    Obama can draw all the red lines he wants, Putin will step on Obama’s foot every time.
    Putin won’t fool around with something this serious, Obama on the other hand is a clown.


  12. Dennis E. says:

    Well, the bulb in the signal to Assad is slightly weaker today due to the fact that The UK voted against British Military involvement against Syria yesterday. And there is a growing anti-strike movement in this country and the president has a requirement to to get congressional approval
    prior to using military action.
    The emperor has no clothes…………..
    Hooray for the English Jack………


  13. Gen says:

    Alvin, I too had always wondered why you never posted anything I ever commented on? I’m sorry I judged you too once, assuming perhaps my comments weren’t good enough or perhaps as articulate as many on here. Thanks for enlightening us. I truly am thankful for your website, it’s so informative and helps those of us who are Intercessors. It gives us a collective look at what’s happening in the world, and burdens our hearts to pray. God bless you, thanks despite how busy you are for continuing to keep your website updated daily.


  14. Irene C says:

    A little side note with everything that’s going on, especially since China sides with Assad. Frightening if it’s true, and I believe it is.

    China Developing Super Electromagnet Pulse Bomb To Use In War Against U.S.


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