Black Death returns: 1 dead in Kyrgyzstan, 3 ill, 131 quarantined – fear rampant

August 28, 2013 KYRGYZSTANHealth officials fear an outbreak of bubonic plague in central Asia after a teenage boy died from the disease and three more were admitted to hospital in Kyrgyzstan. Temirbek Isakunov, a 15-year-old from a mountain village near the border with Kazakhstan, reportedly died from the disease last week after eating an infected barbecued marmot. Kyrgyzstan’s emergency ministry said a young woman and two children from a different village who came into contact with Isakunov were hospitalized on Tuesday with the high fever and swelling around the neck and armpits characteristic of bubonic plague, local news outlets reported. A total of 131 people, including 33 medical personnel, have been quarantined, although none of them have yet exhibited symptoms of the disease, the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda in Kyrgyzstan reported. The health ministry continues to find and quarantine people who came into contact with the teenager, according to its director. Kazakhstan has stepped up its border control with Kyrgyzstan and is operating quarantine points in light of the possible outbreak, the news agency Tengrinews reported. The Kazakh health ministry is searching out people who might have come into contact with the dead teenager, and is also determining where animal carriers of the disease might be moving between the two countries, according to a ministry official. The bacteria that cause bubonic plague are typically transmitted from rodents to humans via flea bites but can also be contracted through direct contact with infected tissue. Some local authorities in Russia have also grown wary over the incident, since citizens of Kyrgyzstan do not need a visa to enter the country and, according to the newspaper Izvestiya, more than 500,000 Kyrgyz work in Russia. According to TV news report in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city, checkpoints in the airport there are inspecting all those arriving from countries with a high bubonic plague risk. A Russian public health official said cases of bubonic plague were registered in Kazakhstan every year, and the disease existed naturally in parts of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia, Izvestiya reported. –Guardian
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18 Responses to Black Death returns: 1 dead in Kyrgyzstan, 3 ill, 131 quarantined – fear rampant

  1. Angelsong says:

    The pale horse rides…Revelation foretells these events and here we are seeing scripture being talked about in the news daily if only people will open their eyes and ears, and read their Bible.


  2. eebus says:

    There are thousands of cases of the plague each year reported by the WHO. So I don’t know why fear would be rampant. Sad that a 15 tear old boy died though.


  3. kennycjr says:

    Isn’t this one of several places on the earth where bubonic plague naturally exists? It also naturally exists in the Southwest US, and there were some cases this summer. I believe we should be aware, but this should be no cause for alarm. It seems to me bubonic plague is much a disease of opportunity: it’s more or less present enough in the world to seize any opportunity for it to cause a pandemic, from what I’ve read of how the Black Death spread through Europe, it was preceded by widespread famine, giving it the opportunity to cause a pandemic.


  4. nanoduck says:

    Exactly 666 years ago, a big comet appeared in the skies. That year, one of the biggest outbreak of Black Death occured. Here we are again, with a big comet coming (Comet ISON)….exactly 666 years later. Strange times, indeed.


  5. Irene C says:

    This in itself isn’t so bad. As kennycjr said, there are some places where this disease still exists. However, add this to the other diseases we have been discussing on this site, and a pattern could be arising.

    Matthew 24:6-8 – And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and PESTILENCES, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. (emphasis mine).

    It’s going to get a lot worse before the Lord returns. And time is running out fast.



    • niebo says:

      Hey, Irene C: here’s some food for thought in regards to Revelation 6, which cross-refers to Matthew 24:

      “The color of the horse was ‘pale’ – χλωρὸς chlōros This word properly means ‘pale-green, yellowish-green,’ like the color of the first shoots of grass and herbage; then green, verdant, like young herbage. . . . The color here would be an appropriate one to denote the reign of death – as one of the most striking effects of death is paleness – and, of course, of death produced by any cause, famine, pestilence, or the sword. From this portion of the symbol, if it stood with nothing to limit and define it, we should naturally look for some condition of things in which death would prevail in a remarkable manner, or in which multitudes of human beings would be swept away. And yet, perhaps, from the very nature of this part of the symbol, we should look for the prevalence of death in some such peaceful manner as by famine or disease. The red color would more naturally denote the ravages of death in war; the black, the ravages of death by sudden calamity; the pale would more obviously suggest famine or wasting disease.”

      Barnes’ Notes on the Bible, from

      “A plague vaccine is not currently available for use in the United States.” CDC


  6. Mark says:

    I think I read that If we had antibiotics like now back when the Black death occurred approximately 91% of those affected would have lived. Just sayin’


    • kennycjr says:

      Actually, as deplorable as the sanitation conditions were at the time, along with the widespread famine, it would seem to me that if our antibiotics would have had any effect, they likely would’ve only made it much worse, by only keeping those sick alive longer to infect even more people.


  7. melanie says:

    While doing online medicinal plant research, I read that during the plague in Europe, a monk was told by an Angel in a dream to use a certain plant to help the sick. He did, and it worked. The plant was called Angelica archangelica.


  8. Tom says:

    Nah, todays medicine back then had stopped the plague
    But another thing back then was that the climate changed to more rain and the temp dropped
    Combined with non existing daily baths and clean clothes the plague was a killer

    But the peaople in europe actually got a better life after the plague. A bigger influence in the society and more individualism


  9. Mankind triggers everything to a new things to come whether cyclical or in paradigm shift, the happenings before may not be the same as what we think now for everything increases it complexities.

    Techno-man will never have a “brainoxide” to make things dull, let all the things happen and we will learn from it.


  10. Let the nature and the human activities make a balance for we are all occupied on earth. We made the earth changed, tired and severely exploited and it is a response. We deciphered and found solution on the nature’s massive body of knowledge and yet still we cannot control its occurrence.


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