Disease watch: New Chinese bird flu may be worse than H7N9 virus

August 24, 2013 CHINA A virus called H7N7 has been discovered in chickens in China, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. A team of Hong Kong researchers found the virus in about 25 percent of the fowl sampled, many of which also had the H7N9 virus. By testing the H7N7 virus on ferrets, the researchers found that it can be transmitted to mammals. “If (we) let this H7N7 continue circulating in chickens, I am sure that human infection cases will occur,” study co-author Guan Yi at the University of Hong Kong told AFP. “This virus could cause more severe infection than … H7N9, based on our animal experiments.” H7N7 appears to have developed alongside H7N9, which has killed 44 of more than 130 people infected in China. “We think it is scary for humans,” Guan added. “Our entire human population almost has no antibodies against the H7 subtype of influenza virus. Thus, if it causes pandemic outbreak, it will kill many people.” The scientists believe a better surveillance system is needed to monitor for dangerous viruses like H7N9 that may be emerging. “This is a very different influenza ecosystem from other countries,” Guan said, according to Nature. –The Epoch Times
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10 Responses to Disease watch: New Chinese bird flu may be worse than H7N9 virus

  1. Joseph t Repas says:

    Of course huge pharmaceutical companies and the USA will tell you that everyone must get a vaccine this season…but they don’t have a clue as to what vaccine is needed or if they even have one available for what diseases may spread..do they? Please do correct me if you know that I am wrong on this. But it seems like it’s all about the money, not health. There are so many variants of flu’s and diseases out there. I suppose it is just me but I think a worst case scenario is for most of the population to get a vaccine and then while in the weakened state fighting that impotent strain a different live prolific strain runs rampant through the population.


  2. Julie Bennett says:

    No wonder, look at how the chickens live, maybe a bit of sun and freedom would do them the world of good


  3. Irene C says:

    I’m really beginning to wonder how and/or where these viruses are coming from. Are they man-made or are they being mutated from radiation. This is happening way too fast. imo


  4. Doccus says:

    The accompanying photograph was so heart wrenching it brought tears to my eyes, even having seen close quartered egg farms before. The farmer is suitably attired with protective clothing and a respirator, to protect from the foul bacteria and dried feces flying around in the air. Sadly, the birds have NO such protection. If this is the state of our stewardship of the beasts of the earth we were commanded to practice, I think we have failed miserably, and I would not be surprised if the Avian flus are a punishment in kind from above, delivered right from those mistreated birds. God help us all…


  5. kelly says:

    I would like to know reall how close we are to a pandemic. I mean what is the possibilty in percents. We have had H7N9 for years now and it’s forced us to be cautious but has not lead to a severe outbreak.


  6. Jay says:

    As a former Farrowing (a fancy word for Birthing Sows) Manager, I have come full circle knowing and understanding the “Industrial Farming System” of raising animals indoors and/or in pens/cages does not work without 100% human care and intervention. It’s all set-up for human convenience.

    Animals that are raised in buildings, cages or in crowded pens have a weakened immune system. Virus’ are allowed to thrive and mutate. It’s why the chickens/cows/hogs have to be kept vaccinated on a regular schedule. (Problem #1)
    Animals that are allowed to wander around in a pasture (not a dirt lot void of vegetation) with fresh air have stronger immune systems. Notice in any photos (now or in the past) of chickens (or hogs or cows) that have been destroyed: they are in dirt lots; buildings or cages. (Problem #2)
    None of them have a chance to eat anything resembling a “normal chicken/cow/hog diet”. It’s all a man-made formula with the cheapest possible ingredients and brought to them. (Problem #3)

    If you notice those people who are inside a lot and rarely cook/make their own food, never go barefoot or get ‘dirty’–they get sick easier than folks who aren’t afraid of dirt, cook and/or grow much of their own food, get plenty of fresh air and interact with a variety of species daily.
    All that simply builds the immune system.


  7. AbortionProphecy.wordpress.com says:

    Ugh. Those poor animals living in those conditions. Looks like their misery will now spread to the people. Perhaps that’s justice….


  8. Ben says:

    No wonder these diseases are spreading more rapidly when poor animals are in these conditions day in day out. They are sick of being poorly treated. Before it was more of an ethical debate on whether they should be kept in this type of environment, now surely it’s a health and safety issue????

    The longer that this continues then the worse these health risks will continue. Come WHO step up and do something!!!!!


  9. novusanima says:

    First Middle East CV, now this coming out in news….either or Both could very well lead to Major pandemics. I have my suspicions that Middle East CV is indeed engineered. I don’t know enough about this H7N9 to say for sure, but either way, they are both extremely alarming.
    Thank you, EP for the news you work so diligently to bring to light.


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