5 Responses to Russia’s Far East hit by the worst floods in 120 years

  1. Faye Brown says:

    Maybe there’s something to this age of Aquarius … where deep-rooted myths within the ancient tribes of the world describe a cataclysmic flood that engulfed worlds …but WHY floods … what’s a celestial reason behind so much water falling from the skies in the age of Aquarius? … I consider it’s in the quantum physic of how Barriers of vast Bubble Enclosures not only contains an open atmosphere referred to as a Heaven … but also holds in place a celestial social world … both of which are tucked away just overhead a specific land, and sustained in a an interdimensional state of a Higher Frequency and an altered state of reality .. such Bubble Barriers are themselves sustained of a Quantum High Frequency state of Still H20, AKA Living Waters .. and when the quantum state of water barriers began to lower in frequency, the quantum state of H20 began to break down … and that abundance of Still Waters began to fall to the land below … thus, a flood … as the vast celestial community cloaks itself above land or move unseen below sea level …


    • James says:


      If I may, In 1928, at the Conference of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in Leiden, the Netherlands, the edges of the 88 official constellations became defined in astronomical terms. The edge established between Pisces and Aquarius locates the beginning of the Aquarian Age around the year 2600, we are currently in the piscean age, represented by the fish.


  2. shafath says:

    Hi alvin,
    Is there any specific reason behind this world wide floods and rains ?


    • IMG

      The main culprit is submarine volcanism- which accounts for about 75-80% of all volcanism on the planet. Rising ocean temperatures lead to higher evaporation rates across from the world’s oceans, and that moisture is carried along in wind currents and storm systems and is deposited over landmasses. This process will only be exacerbated over time, as these geologic processes become more pronounced. The fact that oceans absorb heat and carbon- suggests we have a major problem brewing.



  3. SLK says:

    …couldn’t have said it better….


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