U.S. declares ‘unusual mortality event’ as dolphin deaths rise on East Coast

August 9, 2013 VIRGINIA – Federal scientists investigating an unusually high number of dead bottlenose dolphins washing up on the East Coast said on Thursday the carcasses are showing up at a rate that is seven times higher than usual. More than 120 dead animals have been discovered since June from New Jersey to Virginia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service said. Federal scientists have declared it an “unusual mortality event” and are investigating the cause, said Maggie Mooney-Seus of NOAA Fisheries. A number of things can cause dolphins to strand, including harmful algal blooms, infectious viruses, injuries due to ship strikes, pollutants and human-made runoff, NOAA said. Although the cause has not been determined, early tissue analysis showed that one suspect could be morbillivirus, an infectious pathogen, said Teri Rowles, national marine mammal stranding coordinator for NOAA Fisheries. Marine stranding response centers are collecting information on the deaths and necropsies are being performed, but it could take several weeks to determine what led to the deaths, the NOAA said. In this month alone, 28 dolphins were found dead along the shores of the East Coast. It has been 25 years since the last large die-off of dolphins along the U.S. coast. In 1987, more than 740 animals died of morbillivirus on the coast from New Jersey to Florida. Scientists warned the public not to approach the animals if they see one stranded because they could harbor an infectious disease. They ask that dead or stranded mammals in the Northeast be reported to NOAA’s marine mammal stranding network. –Reuters

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17 Responses to U.S. declares ‘unusual mortality event’ as dolphin deaths rise on East Coast

  1. suez says:

    So sad. I love the dolphins…:-(


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Don’t be sad about the dolphins, which is unfortunate, be sad about us, the human race.
    It seems that the oceans are in the process of dying.


  3. Mehö says:

    +1 to Dennis


  4. ChrisLBC says:

    I agree with Dennis. It seems like we’re in a terrible spot and going to have a tough time making it through, especially if we don’t take any steps towards preventing any further disasters from happening (such as fukushima). It seems we’re past the point of no return, things are going to happen that will be bad, and there’s really nothing we can do about it except prepare for the worst.


  5. jeremy says:

    ok I find this strange 1986 chernobyl 1987 big die off hummm now fukashima what are they not telling us here cuz it seems to be all related some how


  6. jse says:

    Could it be the excessive chemtrails being sprayed over Virginia? Certainly these heavy metals are having toxic effects.


  7. The oceans will never die .


    • suez says:

      Sorry to disagree: “Rev 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”


      • Grandma Dorothy says:

        Thank you Suez for telling it like it is… even though most don’t want to acknowledge the Holy Bible anymore. If they do, then they realize they will one day face our Father and will be judged.

        We pray for the non-Christians but only they can make the choice to accept Him. If they don’t, then they only have whatever they get on this earth and WE have life everlasting.
        Just my opinion…


      • suez says:

        Amen Grandma Dorothy. That isn’t just your opinion it is the truth. Another one that will happen is: “Rev 8:9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed. ” I don’t know if this is what is happening now or not, but we know according to the Word of God, it’s coming! Yes and I love and care for all the animals, on the land or the sea. But God knows best!! 🙂


  8. Joanne Baskett says:

    Methane? Radioactive materials? Rapidly Changing / migrating poles and electronic & magnetic field lines?


  9. tonic says:

    Be sad for the dolphins. All life on this planet was given to us by God. Ignoring this is ignoring His gifts to us. And judgement of mortality within, (or without) His vision, is not somewhere I would go.


    • Kimber says:

      Agree…where is the accountability of humans? As stated in the bible, we are the stewards of the earth. God breathed His breath into all creatures..ignoring this is APATHY..apathy is a sin!!! If you are filled with the spirit of God..you will not be apathetic!!!To worry about our own flesh is selfishness…sin…God have mercy on the people believing false doctrine. Open your eyes to HIS love, enjoy what we have that was given to us and SHOW COMPASSION TOWARDS LIFE!!!


  10. Mercedes says:

    SO SCARY! What would i do without my faith in God’s mercy? He has giving me proofs that he listens to his children when in need,… We’re nothing, God’s everything!


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