Giant magenta planet’s existentence exposes more holes in planet formation theory

August 6, 2013 SPACEThe Jupiter-sized world, dubbed GJ 504b, was found much further out in its star’s orbit than a planet its size should have been, if you go by existing planet-formation theory. GJ 504b weighs in at around four times Jupiter’s mass, and is the lowest mass exoplanet to be imaged orbiting a Sun-like star using direct imaging techniques. Given its similarity to Jupiter’s size, NASA boffins were surprised to find that it was much further away than Jupiter is in the solar system’s setup: nearly nine times as far, to be exact. According to existing theory, planets of this size are formed in the gas-rich debris field around a young star. Collisions between asteroids and comets in the disk around the star provide a core seed, which pulls in gas to form a planet when the core reaches sufficient mass to have gravity. But this model – called “core-accretion” theory – only works well for worlds out as far as Neptune in our solar system, around 30 times further out than the Earth, and not so well once the world is even more distant from its star. “This is among the hardest planets to explain in a traditional planet-formation framework,” said team member Markus Janson, a Hubble postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. “Its discovery implies that we need to seriously consider alternative formation theories, or perhaps to reassess some of the basic assumptions in the core-accretion theory.”
The team spotted GJ 504busing direct imaging techniques with infrared data from the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. Direct imaging gives researchers lots of data about exoplanets, but is arguably one of the hardest techniques to manage. “Imaging provides information about the planet’s luminosity, temperature, atmosphere and orbit, but because planets are so faint and so close to their host stars, it’s like trying to take a picture of a firefly near a searchlight,” explained Masayuki Kuzuhara at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, who led the discovery team. GJ 504b orbits the G0-type star GJ 504, which is slightly hotter than our Sun and faintly visible to the naked eye in the constellation Virgo, 57 light years away. The team estimates that the system is around 160 million years old, with the star at just one-thirtieth its age, compared to the Sun, which is around halfway through its energy-producing life. “If we could travel to this giant planet, we would see a world still glowing from the heat of its formation with a colour reminiscent of a dark cherry blossom, a dull magenta,” said Michael McElwain, a member of the discovery team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre. –The Register UK
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22 Responses to Giant magenta planet’s existentence exposes more holes in planet formation theory

  1. This is just more proof that our God created the universe, not some happening out of gas! God did these things so they could see that it took a very intelligent designer to come up with this entire world and all it’s universes. He reigns!!!


  2. Angelsong says:



  3. Rik says:

    That’s not proof of god at all.

    What it is proof of, is that we are all still learning things that are far beyond comprehension at this time. Something that cannot immediately be explained, or whose theory of formation/existence has been re-examined is not automatic proof of a god.

    Minds are meant to be kept open. Question Everything.


    • Can I question a God who sent us His only son to die for my sins so I don’t have to spend eternity apart from Him? Do I question a God who saved my life when I had cancer? Do I question a God who healed my sister’s feet from 16 yrs. of huge ulcers that could not be cured by any treatment or skingraft? Can I question a God who saved my life and my childrens when Our house went up in flames? Can I question a God who saved my children’s Lives from a life of heroin addiction through my prayers alone to my God? Do I question a God whose presence I feel so strong upon me and loving me all the time? No, My God is a God of Love and I cherish Him and would never question His existance. Even scientists know now that all this could not have been created except by in intelligent designer. Seriously, you are the one with the closed mind! Open you HEART to Jesus and see what He does for you!!!


      • Rik says:

        Teresa, that it is a pretty closed-minded response to my comment. Did I say that I have closed my mind to other ideas? No. What I am stating is that you cannot possibly prove anything when it comes to our universe – whether intelligently designed, or purely accidental.

        My mind is open, and this is why I don’t have to put all my faith into one god. There are things out there that are far beyond what any human consciousness can define. Just because we don’t understand, does not automatically mean that there is a god.

        I’m pleased for you that all your prayers have been answered. Personally, I don’t put anything down to one factor. I am open to new ideas.


  4. Steven says:

    God created the heavens and the earth. What a mighty God we serve!


  5. mark says:

    you are kidding me… god… dont think so….might just be a remnant of another solar system collision.. or could be thats just how the universe works as we dont know it all yet


  6. nanoduck says:

    Well, existence of other solar systems and galaxies blow out the literal interpretation of the Genesis creation account as in that stars were created mainly to give light on earth at night. The author of Genesis believed that the earth was center of universe, and stars were like fixed lights stuck on the ceilings. However, it does not rule out that there were forces that shaped and planned the foundations of this universe…nothing is by chance.


    • IMG

      “Therefore rejoice, O heavens (celestial realms), and ye that dwell in them (live). Woe for the Earth and for the sea: because the devil is gone down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time.” -Revelation 12:12

      Satan’s access blocked from other worlds — Revelation 20:2,3

      “Then I heard a loud voice shouting across the heavens (cosmos), “It has come at last–salvation and power and the Kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown down to earth–the one who accuses them before our God day and night.” Revelation 12:10

      Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses (surrounded by other worlds in the cosmos), let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1


      “And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.” -Genesis 1:16, Job 3:9

      It may be worth noting that the oldest book in the Bible is not Genesis. It’s actually the book of Job (1500 BC), which talks about star constellations in deep space, which have nothing to do with our solar system.

      Canst thou bind the cluster of the Pleiades, Or loose the bands of Orion?” Job 38:31

      God created other star systems The Bible has always stated there were other worlds besides our own; however Earth is the only world that has fallen and was redeemed.


  7. tonic says:

    Their is either a creator, or the whole universe occurred by accident or fluke. Looking at the night sky, or a hive of bees, the word fluke just doesn’t come to mind. We know more today about how things work than we ever did before, but still have no idea of the expanse of learning we need, because we still have no idea of what is out there, outside of what we can see and detect. In some ways quantum physics mimics this because we still do not know the limits of this science.
    Does science make discoveries or just unravel a tiny part of how it was put together in the first place?


  8. craig says:

    Can I be completely honest with you alvin without fear of prejudice response? (From others). This is a really great site, GREAT. But to be fair when someone makes a comment that is fair and rik’s first comment below about not being instant proof of god just because we don’t understand it yet, a very large number of TEP follows go on attack and all that displays is the division between humanity that religion can cause. An opinion is just as valid from an agnostic or atheist as an opinion from a person of any other faith in my view an I am an atheist, so if I can believe that we are all equal an all opinions valid without mocking a persons opinion because of their belief as an atheist, then why can followers of a man that said “love thy neighboor” not display the same sentiment ???


    • Craig,

      We are all equal here and everybody’s opinion matters- as this is not a forum on religion, though people have liberty to interpret these events through the prism of a belief system or through no belief system at all. . Whichever, or however; love and respect for everyone’s opinions should remain the same. Personally, I’m glad you here

      Without love; nothing in this world we say or do matters very much at all


  9. tonic says:

    The very first rose that bloomed yellow done yellow because that was what it needed to bloom again. The organization displayed in an ant hill, A single swallow deciding it’s time to go, all suggest intelligence. Darwin says this is evolution, absolutely correct, until you look up at the night skies.
    And this where Darwin fails for me. The organization displayed in the progression of galaxy’s, how stars form in star nursery’s, the correspondence that black holes display to all the stars around it in a galaxy, also displays intelligence.
    It takes a very open mind to step outside of ourselves, and see that we are only part of all that is occurring around us.
    Intelligence, if you really look, is occurring everywhere outside of ours.
    But….we still do not know, when we should bloom yellow.


  10. tonic says:

    Was my comment….


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