Toxic cloud of tar sands waste travels from Detroit to Canada

August 5, 2013DETROIT A massive cloud of black dust that swept across the Detroit River into Windsor, Canada this week has been linked to piles of petroleum coke, a by-product of tar sands oil illegally stored in Detroit by Koch Carbon. Though much has already been said of the tar sands oil industry, which is currently experiencing a boom and has spurred several high profile pipeline expansions across the US, the accumulation of the petroleum coke, commonly referred to as pet coke, along the Detroit riverfront went largely unnoticed until this week. A dust cloud which flew over Detroit and into Windsor this week was found to carry elevated traces of lead, sulfur, zinc and vanadium, which is possibly cancer-causing in humans in prolonged or elevated exposure, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a France-based organization. The US Department of Health and Human Services and the US has not yet classified whether vanadium is carcinogenic. Last Saturday evening Windsor resident Randy Emerson managed to capture a video of the thick black dust moving along the city’s waterfront. “Is that the pet coke?” Emerson, who captured the scene on his cellphone, asked his wife. “Oh my God,” he concluded. “Yep — that’s pet coke.”
In May the New York Times profiled the Detroit dumping grounds of pet coke at an industrial site owned by Koch Carbon, a company controlled by wealthy industrialists Charles and David Koch, which sells the high-sulfur, high-carbon by-product overseas in China and India where it serves as a cheaper, dirtier alternative to coal. There is also strong demand for the by-product in Latin America, where it is used in cement-making kilns. The refining process known as coking releases oil from tar sands, and leaves petroleum coke as its by-product. According to the Times Canada currently has 79.8 million tons of pet coke stockpiled, most of which is dumped into open pits and ponds in Alberta, and the rest is simply piled up. Marathon Petroleum’s refining plant in Detroit is currently processing some 28,000 barrels a day of tar sands oil, and the increase of oil sands into the US, including transportation through the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, will also bring more of the coking processing and waste product to the US. Coke is an ingredient in steel making  and the production of aluminum, though according to a petroleum coke analyst at Roskill Information Services cited by the Times high sulfur content in this particular type of pet coke make it virtually unusable for those purposes. “Here’s a little bit of Alberta,” said Brian Masse, a Windsor’s parliament members in May. “For those that thought they were immune from the oil sands and the consequences of them, we’re now seeing up front and center that we’re not.” According to Lorne Stockman, the author behind a recent study on petroleum coke, the waste is “the dirtiest residue from the dirtiest oil on earth.” –RT News
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7 Responses to Toxic cloud of tar sands waste travels from Detroit to Canada

  1. feedscrn says:

    So -that- is what the strange sounds in Windsor was about… It was a warning!!!,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=e44dbf223b741256&q=strange+sounds+windsor+ontario
    mystery solved.

    (to Webmaster of theextinctionprotocol, I did my part…. I said it. If you delete this comment… guess what… it’s all on you buddy)


  2. feedscrn says:

    so sad…. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦


  3. bobby90247 says:

    Can anyone tell me if these “tar sands” biodegradable, in any way?


  4. bj ross says:

    it has not gone “largely unnoticed” by any means … this has been a huge topic for a long while in Windsor & Essex County, everyone asking what that huge pile of black stuff is & if it is toxic, etc etc … to no avail, of course! if it is illegal, WHY is it still there???


  5. balmerhon says:

    OMG, it’s hard not say defamatory things about the Kochs. Unreal this is. They are poisoning us exponentially. When do WE get BOLD enough, when do enough of us get BOLD enough, to gather en masse in DC (a la civil rights, Viet Nam war, etc.) and say ENOUGH, we are DONE FOSSIL FUELS! and MORE so Extreme extraction of them. MONEY and GREED rules, and these titans! are HEARTLESS and UNFEELING. They and their corporations are psychopathic, that they can do these things (with impunity no less) and not understand, not FEEL what they are doing. They are totally Cut Off from their humanity. The are like crazed psychopaths, addicted to their DISEASE, and they must be stopped. God help us to unite to defeat what unfettered capitalism has wrought.


    • Kajajuk says:

      The Koch’s have numerous residences and each are walled compounds with private security as well as all the police agencies fortified to protect them and theirs.
      Everyone is expendable.


      • balmerhon says:

        Yes, we are… them. We are pawns in their game.But we can and must fight back against the monster of the unbridled and unregulated capitalistic mind.


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