Large tornado rips through suburb of Milan- a dozen injured

July 30, 2013MILAN, Italy A tornado has ripped through a suburb of Milan, injuring 12 people and damaging buildings and vehicles. Video shot by witnesses on their mobile phones captured the twister tearing through an industrial region in Grezzago, leaving a trail of devastation as it destroyed cars, overturned trucks and uprooted telegraph poles. “We were inside there and a lorry crashed into the wall and came through it,” said Stefano Grimoldi, who was caught up the carnage. “Then all the windows broke and we couldn’t understand what was happening.” He added: “Look there is no more roof, no more doors, there’s nothing left. Witnesses described the incident as terrifying. “It came from over there – the next little town along in Pozzo D’Ada,” explained witness Luca Mariani. “Then it came through here, Grezzago, then it went towards Trezzo,” added his friend Anthony Farchica. “It lasted, I’m not sure, the time it took, ten minutes or a quarter of an hour,” they added. Firemen, civil protection and other rescue services rushed to the scene.  Although no deaths have been reported there are reports of a dozen injuries. –Yahoo News
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5 Responses to Large tornado rips through suburb of Milan- a dozen injured

  1. says:

    Be happy you’re not over there now.


  2. Kajajuk says:

    Tornado confirmed in Ottawa Canada; small twister but a rare event.


  3. Heidi says:

    are tornadoes common in that country?


    • Irene C says:

      Although the U.S. is the most well-known for our tornado alley, several sections of Europe also have their versions of tornado alley. The warm, moist air comes up from the Mediterranean and the cold front comes down from the Arctic area. Add add some wind coming in from the Atlantic to cause rotation and they get tornadoes. Although, they do happen in this area, this one could be considered an outbreak, and that in itself is a bit unusual.


  4. Irene C says:

    Amazing. From looking at the videos, The Weather Channel gave it a preliminary rating of EF1.


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